Sunday Musings At The End Of February

Something of a ‘Groundhog Day’ week for me, with every day much the same. I am not complaining, as I find routine comforting, and having no dramas or stress about anything is always to be welcomed.


My only break from routine was to empty out my old car in preparation for handing it over when we collect the replacement next week. It is strange to discover what you can accumulate inside a car during ten years. I found sunglasses I hadn’t seen for at least five years, and numerous expired entrance tickets for car parks. Two umbrellas stored in the back in case of rain, and a first aid kit I had previously searched the house for.


Ollie is doing well, but we await his Spring moult. This not only covers the house in his fur, but usually signals the onset of one skin condition or another. I am hoping he gets away with that this year, as we have only just got on top of his last ear infection.


I finally took a camera out and photographed the new bridge to Hoe Rough. The photos appear in a separate post today.


Weather-wise, it went back to being very cold. Hovering around freezing in the mornings, and a couple of days of rain too. That rain felt icy when it fell on you, and the North-Easterly winds made my face ache. But the sun is out this morning, and I can hardly see the keyboard for sunshine reflecting on it.


I hope your Sunday is what you want it to be, whether peaceful or hectic.


40 thoughts on “Sunday Musings At The End Of February

  1. I do love routine and weeks that are calm, too. Yes, it’s amazing what we find when we have to clean out a car (or a room, or a closet.). We had much warm weather in February, and now we’re slammed with snow. March is always in like a lion and out like a lamb.

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  2. Same old, same old sounds good here as well. I never know where the radio station will send me next, although some of the events we cover are regulars year in and year out. Fingers crossed for Ollie, and I hope you enjoy the new car, Pete.

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  3. It’s always nice to get a new car and to find something you hadn’t realised you still had or stuff you wondered why you had kept it …I hope your car brings you lots of happy stress free motoring and that Ollie stays free from vets trips πŸ™‚ x

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  4. I put on a winter jacket and took out a ticket stub from late 2019. I guess I had not a chance to wear that since pre-pandemic. When we emptied our our old car we found mice had made a nest in the back seat without us noticing.

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  5. (1) When it comes to routines, you’re well-grounded.
    (2) After many years sitting under the Nevada sun, my vehicle is losing its paint. Ain’t good.
    (3) “We have only just got on top of his last ear infection.” All that weight on Ollie’s ear…ain’t good. (“Ain’t good” might become a routine response. But you like routine, so…)
    (4) Is the new bridge supported by separate posts?
    (5) Same weather here! We had rain yesterday, but the sun is out today.
    (6) I’m taking the day off. (The sun won’t be happy about that.)

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  6. Pete, I will be sharing a story of LA’s wild wild weather – as we got into our car yesterday, we were hit with a second massive hailstorm – pelting us for several minute…we had 6+ inches of rain in a single day here in Beverly Hills…much needed, but wish it would spread out a bit so it absorbed into he ground better…that said 3 more feet of snow in the mountains has us with 400% of our normal snowfall!

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  7. I always collected stuff in my cars, “just in case”, as you say, though not umbrellas as I cannot cope with them. In my world an umbrella is for getting itself left behind, poking in someone’s eye or turning inside out and pulling me over. I prefer to get wet. The back seat of my current car is chock full of Grant’s “just in case” stuff. I won’t even look back there! Good luck with the new wheels!

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    1. My wife’s car is currently so full of ‘stuff’ that we cannot put anything in the boot! I expect she will soon fill up the newer one with more ‘stuff’. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  8. I have had a similar experience about finding things I had forgotten about whenever I remove the cushions from the couch …. I too hope that dear Ollie passes the year without having to suffer with various maladies …..The weather here too is chaotic … warm one day, cold the next ..I always say, “If you want to see good steady weather, wait until after May 30th.

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    1. Thanks, John. The situation is worse in the house than in the car. We still haven’t found things that went missing during 2012. We put them in a ‘safe place’, and then forgot where that place was! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Good for you. Sam’s sister and her husband bought a motorhome because they liked to visit different places. It wouldn’t have suited us. However, after about 10 years they sold it and now prefer to stay in hotels.

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