Random Photos To Bring A Smile

This selection of feel-good photos (mostly staged for the camera) made me smile. I hope they work for you too.

A young man with his pet Owls.

Taking your dog to the hairdresser’s.

A skateboarding nun.

The fisherman’s cat lives in his beard.

This old lady is using a puppet of an old lady to feed squirrels in the park.

Police Dog Response Unit.

Using WW2 gas hoods to combat smog in Philadelphia. (1953)

Obviously a slow day at their shop.

An Edwardian-era postman takes his dog on the round to guard the mail.

A Roaring Twenties lady with her pet piglet.

This pram seen in London is designed to resemble a horse and carriage.

No dog biscuits for sale, WW2. During the war, pet food and treats became scarce because of food rationing.

Taking her duck for a walk.

Wearing masks against infectious diseases is nothing new.

A young girl and her pet sheep walking along an English High Street.

A small girl with her tiny cat.

Taking her snake for a walk.

50 thoughts on “Random Photos To Bring A Smile

  1. (1) “Owls are my pals.”
    (2) “If she starts singing ‘Beauty School Dropout,”‘ I’m going to make for the exit like greased lightning!”
    (3) After she mastered skateboarding, the nun got into base jumping in the fjords of Norway. That’s what I call an act of faith!
    (4) After the cat died, a stinkin’, no-good “friend” of his gave the bearded fisherman a civet cat. However, a “civet cat” is actually an eastern spotted skunk.
    (5) It’s a good thing an old man puppet wasn’t used to feed the squirrel. It would have gone for the nuts.
    (6) “Lazy bum! He never takes me for a walk!”
    (7) I wonder if the Hobbits wore WW 2 gas hoods when combating Smaug in Middle Earth?
    (8) In their dreams, the ladies are counting bottles of beer on the wall.
    (9) That dog is a traitor. Dogs are supposed to CHASE the mailman!
    (10) When the lady roars, the piglet SQUEALS!
    (11) “My older brother identifies as a dog.”
    (12) “If you’re out of dog biscuits, can I at least buy some Fairy Soap? My dog needs a bath.”
    (13) Mother Goose used to take Pinocchio for a walk. “Let’s go watch the beavers build a dam! Say, maybe you can help them out?”
    (14) “I’m feeling a bit sick, hon. Maybe we should have gone for the gas hoods?”
    (15) “Mum, why are we taking Lamb Chop to Woolworths?”
    (16) “My goal in life is to join the circus as a lion tamer. But I have to start small.”
    (17) I want to see that snake actually walk…

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  2. From the size of them, the two ladies sleeping in front of their shop on a slow day must obviously not have too many slow days.

    My snake was too lazy to walk on a leash so I had to carry him everywhere. My wife eventually made me give him away. I cried for a week.

    I often made my own dog biscuits out of soy flour and blackstrap molasses.

    The nun on the skateboard is a lesson in physics …defying gravity!

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  3. What a hoot
    ready for Crufts
    lets get to heaven
    she has been watching the gov
    Sarg that gate we coming up o is narrow
    too much perfume sweety
    just one bag of lollies when you ready love
    letter for B. Woodhouse
    just to cause a stink
    Nth Ken 1 to Hyde Park.
    Well any crisps then
    when we go under the bridge we can duck
    Covid 1819
    not just NZ, so its Yorkshire
    if you say so
    in Aussie they have a thing called a trouser snake.

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  4. Ah those were the days when people could do such things and not find themselves or the actions the source of contention or vitriolic argument on social media.

    People walking snakes and ducks.

    What would Norma Tanega have made of those?

    Thanks Pete.

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  5. Love the owls and the police dog carriage. I think the little cat is a prop though, doesn’t look like a real one. Not sure about the snake either but the lady with the duck is a hoot. Nice one Pete.

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    1. Cheers, FR. The snake photo is an advertisement for the underwear the woman is wearing. Including a snake seems weird! You know more about cats than me, so I will take your word for that.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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