The First Sunday Musings In March

The weather got colder this week, and we had some unwelcome rain. After a long dry period, the mud is back over on Hoe Rough. Worse to come, according to the forecasters on TV. Next week it wil get even colder, and we might get snow and ice by Tuesday.
Back to Winter.
I am hoping they have got it wrong.


We picked up the used car on Wednesday, the one to replace my ‘almost dead’ Zafira. The new one was suitably shiny and clean, and they had supplied rubber mats inside free of charge. The young salesman kept his promise to run us through the extensive electrical extras, showing Julie how to pair her phone for hands-free use, and how to use the onboard satellite navigation. They had even half-filled the petrol tank, something I had not expected. We also discovered that it has cruise control, which I didn’t know beforehand. I doubt we will use that. It also has ‘Stop-start’ for more economical driving, but I switched that off as I don’t like it when the engine keeps cutting out. Too much strain on the starter motor, in my opinion.


When Julie got home from work the next day, she was worried about a clunking noise coming from the back of the car. We went out for a drive so I could hear it, and I did. Stopping the car, I examined the rear section, and discovered that the jack had nothing to retain it in the storage compartment so was moving from side to side when we turned a sharp corner. We drove to the dealer, and showed them. They replaced the retaining clip with a new item in minutes, and apologised. Good servce from them so far.


Ollie has been exceptionally lively this week, and appears to be unexpectedly rejuvenated. He has been running fast with other dogs, playing rough with them, and staying out much longer on his walks. One day he was out just 10 minutes short of 3 hours, and showed no sign of flagging. It is great to see our elderly dog enjoying life so exuberantly again.


On this chilly and cloudy Sunday in Beetley, I hope you have better weather to enjoy your day.


74 thoughts on “The First Sunday Musings In March

  1. Here we desperately need rain, but although we had some last week, it wasn’t enough. The weather is warming up. We shall see… Good on the car and the service, and especially happy for Ollie. ♥

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  2. It’s always great to hear good news about Ollie. So glad your new car dealer is so professional and that the car meets expectations. When my car was being re-wired the loaner car had that stop-start thing and it drove Grant crazy. GPS is always handy. Good luck with it.

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  3. Sounds like a pretty darn good week to me, Pete. It has to do your heart good to see Ollie enjoying himself. Enjoy that new ride. Some of the bells and whistles will be useful, and others will not. I know you will pick and choose what you need to learn.

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  4. Our weather has been the opposite of yours! We have had two very rare days of sunshine … the first in months! So glad that Ollie is doing better and enjoying life again. We have an Ollie, too, but he is a cat … need I say more?

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  5. My heart was so happy reading about Ollie’s adventures. Pets bring so much joy, don’t they? I am glad the car noise was nothing to be concerned about and that the dealer took care of it post haste.

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  6. What a great week for you, aside from the weather. We’ve had non-stop rain for months and I’m not going to complain because we were in a drought for several years. It’s been unusually cold here too and I’ve been keeping a fire going in the main fireplace. It’s cozy. I’m so glad to hear about Ollie! That’s wonderful. Hugs, C

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  7. Congratulations to the new car, and the fantastic service, Pete! I am so sorry, that i missed the start of your new novel, and also the postings of the last two weeks. This were two horrible weeks to me. A relative needed help. I will rework all the past postings, and wish you a wonderful start of the new week. Let’s hope the weather forcasters going wrong, and we will have more sunny days. Best wishes, Michael

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  8. (1) If it’s muddy, hoeing the ground in Hoe Rough should be easy, not rough.
    (2) “…they had supplied rubber mats inside free of charge.” According to one source, “While natural rubber develops predominantly positive potential during periodic motion, silicone rubber is negatively charged.” So I doubt your rubber mats are free of charge.
    (3) Jack in the storage compartment? Are you sure that’s not Jack in the box? (Sorry, but that question just popped into my mind .The problem is, I don’t know jack about this sort of thing, and I’m too tired to learn.)
    (4) Patriotism may have gone to the dogs here, but when it comes to showing respect for the stars and stripes, I see no signs of flagging.
    (5) Peter Pan was grounded today, so I knew it was too wendy to go for a hike.

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  9. I can’t imagine a feature that turns off the engine at long stops. What a stupid concept. And as far as cruise control is concerned, it is deadly if something like a heart attack or falling asleep happens to the driver. The car continues at the high rate of speed without control, even if the driver’s foot is no longer on the gas pedal.
    And hurray for Ollie getting a spring in step.

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    1. I’ll back you on all that Don, There is also a tendency to avoid braking on bends, so you don’t have to reset the cruise = dangerous.

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  10. Congrats on the car. It’s nice that the workshop fixed the problem right away.

    I hope Olli stays as fit as he is now.

    Today we have sofa weather, rain and four degrees – it feels like only one degree.
    I’ve spent the last two hours reading your blog – it’s been a long time since I was online again.

    I wish you a peaceful and relaxed Sunday.
    Best wishes, Irene

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  11. This reminded me I read in the paper a local councillor commenting on complaints by older residents at the removal of coin operated car parking machines; he said if drivers understood how to operate the complex piece of technology that is a car, they should find it simple to use a car park machine.

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    1. I can drive a car, but I have also been outfoxed by some modern car-park machines. Some of them require you to download an App to your phone. That’s a step too far for me to bother with in a car park. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. A good while ago, before I had progressed to a smart phone, we were having a big family dinner in Lincoln and my daughter-in-law said ‘Oh, car park’s going to run out of time.’ I expected her to rush out of the restaurant, or more likely send my son to the car park, but to my astonishment she just tapped at her phone.

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  12. We’re in a drought and have had the AC on for a month now. If it’s hot now, the beginning of March, I am really dreading Summer.
    It seems everyone is having extreme weather of some sort lately.

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  13. Great that the noise was a simple fix…..Ollie sounds like he enjoys cooler weather….our evening temp has cooled down some….it went from 75 to 55 so the nights are more comfortable….have a good day….be well chuq

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  14. Good to hear Ollie is a happy bunny. I’m hoping the forecast is wrong too as I’ve got to drive to work in it! Cruise control is worth doing on long motorway journies, I’ve used it on a few cars I’ve had, but I can’t say I miss it now I haven’t got it. Enjoy the new wheels!

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    1. His arthritis slowed him down a lot last year. Some days he could barely manage 45 minutes walking. I have no idea why he has suddenly become lively again, but I do love to see him play.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  15. We had what might be the last of our summer weather this weekend- 32c yesterday 30c today…..going down into the 20s during the next week. The wheel is turning, sunset is earlier – sunrise later. Enjoy your drives in the ‘new’ motor – take it for a long drive and experience the pleasure of cruise control. A necessary extra when on our out of town roads.

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