30 thoughts on “A Dog And A Piglet: Made Me Happy

  1. I love stories of inter-species friendships. Animals are just so lovely. I can just imagine if we brought a piglet into our zoo! In Seattle there was someone who had a pig as a “service animal” so they were allowed to bring it on board their flight. I don’t know anything about pig behaviour but this poor creature apparently needed to relieve itself. Fortunately for the passengers and crew it waited until it exited the aircraft and then it let go. We heard an anguished cry over the radio to send cleaners to the jet bridge that was covered in pig shit. Crazy things go on in airports. I think I would be very fond of a pig.

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    1. I seriously considered getting a pygmy pig as a companion for Ollie. But when I investigated the rules, I would have had to register it with the authorities. Then if there was any outbreak of pig diseases, they would have come to take it away and kill it.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Note: If you Google “Lonesome George,” you’ll probably just get links to the non-breeding Galapagos tortoise that was the last of its subspecies. However, I was thinking of George Gobel, after whom the tortoise was named.

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    1. Smaller pot-bellied pigs make good pets, apparently. I did consider having one when we moved to Norfolk, but they have to be registered with DEFRA. Then if there is an outbreak of swine flu locally, they come and take them away to kill them.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. They establish an infected area, collect all the pigs in that area, and kill them all without testing. They do the same with farmed birds, for Avian Flu. No exceptions. People around here have had to hand over domestic chickens in the past, but Beetley was not in the designated area when it happened last year.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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