If you have yet to be captivated by the writing style of the talented Mike Steeden, wait no longer. His new book is available now!


15 months after I put pen to ink and at last the new book, ‘The Outrageous Miss April Fool’ is born.

On the way it didn’t help that Rosie the gypsy dog ‘bitch’…sometimes worthy of that non-canine definition…decided to ‘bark’ many a long hour. Oh, how I wish I could speak the ‘bark’ language. I’d ask her why the hell she’s so very bossy. Still we love her dearly, she has character. On top of that, a couple of irksome, forever illnesses slowed me down. Then there was an abundance of historical and social research…that was hard work. Such is life.

Anyhow, here ‘tis; the new book at last. For the record, Miss April Fool was based upon my real life lady, Shirley. In many respects they are one and the same. They are both bonkers…in a good way, I stress. I once wrote of Shirl, ‘…My Celtic lady…

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    1. Thanks for the offer, Mike. I doubt I will live long enough to get through my TBR list on both hard copy and Kindle, so best send it to someone who can read it now and give you a nice review on Amazon.
      All the best mate, Pete.

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