Life With Mabel: Part Eight

This is the eighth part of a fiction serial, in 760 words.

Dennis was standing by the car smoking a cigarette when she got there. He flicked it into the kerb and opened the back door for her. “Lovely ladies travel in style, in the back”. He smiled as he said it, and she noticed his teeth were very white in the darkness.

It was warm and comfortable in the car, and she felt rather grand being driven home. But he wasn’t heading in the right direction. Mabel thought he must know a shortcut, so said nothing. When he turned into the gates of a bombed-out factory, she sat forward. “Where are you going, Dennis? This is the wrong way”. The car stopped in front of a big wall, and he turned and smiled. “Thought we could just stop and have a little talk, Mabel love. You won’t be home late, don’t worry. Why don’t I get in the back?”

Without waiting for a reply, he got in the back next to her. She had a good idea what was about to happen, but thought she should try to say something. “What do you want to talk about Dennis?” He grabbed her and kissed her. There was real passion in his kiss, and she could feel his strong arms gripping her. It was just like something from one of her books, but she pushed him away. “Steady on now. I’m a married woman. And you know that only too well. You took me to my wedding in this very car”.

He was so relaxed. “Okay, I don’t want to force myself on anyone. Tell me you don’t want it, and I will go back in the front and drive you home. Simple as that. It won’t be mentioned, and you will never see me again. Okay?” She tried to say she didn’t want it, but the words wouldn’t come out.

Because she did want it.

So she gave in to her feelings, leaned forward, and kissed him back.

When he was driving her home twenty minutes later, her face was still flushed, and her whole body was tingling. She realised that was what some of the women at work had been talking about, and it was the complete opposite of what Reg did. Dennis had controlled it all, but in exactly the way that Mabel had hoped a man always would. She had abandoned herself to him completely, just like the heroine in her new book had done in a similar situation.

For the first time in her life, she really felt like a woman.

Before they got close to her flat, the car was stuck in some traffic. Dennis leaned over from the front. “You were fantastic, Mabel. I want to see you again. Can we make it a regular thing? Maybe take a day off when Reg is at work, and I can come round. I will give you my phone number when I stop the car”.

She was impressed. He had his own phone at home too.

Unsure how to reply, she said, “Reginald must never find out. It would destroy both families”. Dennis just chuckled. “I’m not in the family-destroying business, honey. I just want some fun, and I reckon you do too. Tell me I’m wrong”.

Mabel could not tell him he was wrong.

Something else occurred to her. “You didn’t use a Johnny though. What happens if I get up the spout?” He laughed out loud. “You’re a married woman, Reg will think it is his, and if you do, we can carry on without worrying. That’s why married women are the best, no need for Johnnies. I will drop you across the road, in that side street. No need for Reg to chance seeing the car”. When the car stopped, he wrote his phone number on the page of a tiny notebook, and ripped it out to give to her.

“Keep that to yourself. But ring me soon, I am ready for as many sessions as you can manage. Don’t make me wait, honey”.

As she crossed the road, Mabel knew that she should feel bad. She had been easy, cheap, a bit of a slag. But in all honesty, she didn’t care. And she couldn’t wait for the next time.

To make sure Reg had something to eat when he got home, she walked all the way to the fish and chip shop. Two cod and chips was quite expensive, but what the hell.

She would tell Reg there was a till difference, and she had got off too late to go to the shops.

29 thoughts on “Life With Mabel: Part Eight

  1. (1) Mabel was drawn to white teeth in the darkness like a moth is drawn to a flame at night.
    (2) This is a gripping romance!
    (3) Dennis knows she wants it, even though she’s a good girl. (Why are the lyrics to “Blurred Lines” coming to mind?)
    (4) Before and after:
    Before sex, she blushed. After sex, her face was flushed.
    (This whole romance was rushed.)
    (5) Overheard:
    Dennis: “I have a phone. We can use it to arrange for another little talk.”
    Mabel: “Yeah, yeah! I got your number!”
    (6a) “You didn’t use a Johnny though. What happens if I get up the spout?” (I guess I don’t understand English after all. Maybe I should sign up for lessons?)
    (6b) When the baby boy was born, Mabel insisted on naming it Johnny. (The joke didn’t register with Reg.)
    (7) Mabel had been easy, cheap, a bit of a slag. At least she wasn’t a gypsy, tramp, or thief.

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