31 thoughts on “Making The Most Of Black and White: The Photos Of Anders Petersen And Jacob Aue Sobol

  1. (1) The couple is affectionate. They don’t care if they both have a bad case of dandruff.
    (2) These androids have no sense of humor.
    (3) “Gentlemen prefer androids. Blondes are out. We may be bitchy at times, but at least we have a sense of humor when things go our way!”
    (4) The Donner brothers were always close. But now they’re stranded on a desert island. And they’re both getting hungry…
    (5) “Should I let the cat out of the bag?”
    (6) “Hey, down there! Get up before I fall asleep!”
    (7) Forcing the cat to watch “The Hound of the Baskervilles” as punishment for refusing to use the litter box.
    (8) “Why did you get a tattoo of a rose on this side of your nose?”

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      1. Pete — what I meant to say is that technique (The unusual lines and dots and what have you) are different from anything that I am used to seeing –It is kind of like impressionist painting or something …one thing is sure.. once you see it you are not going to forget it …

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      1. I used to use Kodak Recording film. It was made to photograph under very low light conditions, rated at about 1000 ASA + . I think I developed in D76 and the grain was fantastic, sharp and contrasty. That was in the 60s, one has become so old . . .

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