A Very Snowy Dog Walk

At around 8pm last night, the snow finally arrived in Beetley..

Fortunately, it was wet snow. The sort that looks serious, but doesn’t settle on the ground. Ii was about two inches deep on the car roofs and garden furniture, but there was no trace of it on the lawn or pathways.

By the time it came to take Ollie for his walk, it was snowing heavily, driven sideways by an icy north-east wind. I wrapped up well and took my umbrella, but as soon as we crossed the road to go into Beetley Meadows, Ollie’s back was white from the large flakes.

After an hour and twenty minutes, I was soaked, even with my large umbrella. I headed for home to get dry and warm up. It took three large dog towels to get Ollie dry before his dinner, and he has been sleeping ever since.

It is still snowing.

48 thoughts on “A Very Snowy Dog Walk

  1. Glad Ollie was able to get his walk! I never got on with umbrellas. My solution was to have a coat or mac with a hood. Only problem with that is you lose peripheral vision and some hearing. These days it isn’t really an issue as I get dropped off by doors. Am so spoiled but as I can’t walk far or fast, it’s important!

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    1. I haven’t carried an umbrella since I started pushing a pram a long long time ago. Even without anything to push they either get blown inside out or you can’t fold them up when you dash to get on the bus.

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  2. Very disappointed here. Woke up to snow covered roofs and stuff but all gone by 11.30am. All day we’ve been having flurries of sleet but that doesn’t settle. I was looking forward to some snowy photgraphy so am not impressed with this risible stuff. 😦

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  3. We have had a very unique, snowless Winter here, Pete. We’re not out of the woods yet as the forecast is hinting at some borderline temps which may finally give us a small bit. Yet, we cannot complain this Winter as far as not being able to get around…except for the usual traffic of course.πŸ˜€

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