Life With Mabel: Part Nine

This is the ninth part of a fiction serial, in 752 words.

Two weeks after that time in his car, Mabel rang Dennis from a phone box on her way home from work. “I will go sick from work on Friday if you want to come round about ten”. He was non-committal. “Friday? Depends if anything comes up by then. If I’m not too busy I will be there”.

On Thursday afternoon, Mabel went to see the store manager before leaving for home. “I’ve got a bad tooth, and I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to get it taken out. I should be alright to come in next Monday of course”. The staff called him Old man Adams, and he was known to be very kind. He knew Mabel wasn’t a girl to take time off for no reason. “Okay, Mabel. Not to worry. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth with salty water afterwards”.

She told Reg a different story later that evening. “Got an awful bellyache, Reg love. Don’t think I’ll go in tomorrow. Old man Adams will be alright about it”. He was still reading the evening paper, and just grunted something in reply.

Friday morning Mabel was very nervous. She managed to get the bathroom to herself after the other tenants had gone to work, and took extra time to make herself nice and presentable. Unable to decide which of her two best dresses to wear, she picked the flowery one, and used a new lipstick that was poppy red. Once ten o’clock had passed she started to look out of the window, in case she didn’t hear Dennis knock.

It was over an hour later when she spotted his car, seeing it turn left across the road, and park near the corner. She hurried downstairs to open the door, not wanting anoyne else to let him in and know he was coming to see her. In her flat, he reached into his overcoat pocket to take out three pairs of nylons and a big bar of chocolate he had brought her. “Got anything strong to drink, love? A beer will do if you haven’t got any brandy”.

Mabel was embarrassed. “All I have is what’s left in a bottle of Port, Dennis. Sorry”. He took off his coat and threw it over the armchair. “Okay, that’ll have to do then, won’t it?” He swallowed the Port in one gulp, and grinned. “Shall we get on with it then? Lead the way to the bedroom”.

For the next two hours, he made her feel incredible. All sorts of stuff she hadn’t even known that men and women could do together, and at least three times too. It was so different to sex with Reg, Dennis was almost like another species to her. She reckoned he must have learned things from those girls in Europe when he was over there in the army. But once he decided it was over, he just got up and got dressed. “Well, must be off. Things to do, people to see, money to be earned. Ta-ta, Mabel love”.

He let himself out, and she could hear him whistling as he walked down the stairs. She allowed herself the luxury of lying there for another thirty minutes, thinking about what they had done. Then she got up, cleaned the make-up off of her face, changed the sheets on the bed, and put some everyday clothes on to go down to the shops and get Reg something for his dinner.

Deciding to treat her husband to some pork chops, she chatted to the butcher’s wife as the woman wrapped them up. Then on her way to the greengrocer, she stopped as she saw a Humber car drive past slowly in the other direction. But it wasn’t Dennis, the driver was wearing a chauffer’s uniform, and was years older.

Feeling gulty when Reg got home, she made a fuss of him, and gave him an extra chop. She was in a great mood, but still worried that someone might have seen Dennis come to the house. So she talked to Reg about his day as they ate, and even pretended to be interested in his story of how some bloke had nearly been hit by a shunting engine, until one of the others saw the danger and pulled him out of the way.

That night in bed as Reg was sleeping, she lay there in the dark wishing Dennis was next to her.

Of course, she wasn’t to know then that was the last time she would ever see Dennis Elliot.

32 thoughts on “Life With Mabel: Part Nine

  1. Well I didn’t like Dennis and she’s better off without him, but she needs someone better than that drip of a husband! Do we hear the patter of little feet? Complications!

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  2. (1) Sex may be exciting for Mabel, but seems to be a casual affair for Dennis. (Even though it’s Mabel having the affair.)
    (2) Mabel doesn’t actually have a bad tooth, but Dennis fills the cavity in her marriage.
    (3) “Don’t forget to rinse your mouth with salty water afterwards.” No one ever said that to a shark after a tooth extraction.
    (4) I once read a story about a fictional pope whose face turned poppy red after he found out what G.O.D. stood for (garlic overdose). [None of your readers will understand this comment.]
    (5) Three pairs of nylons? Dennis must be well-endowed, but I don’t think those nylons will prevent a pregnancy.
    (6) “Shall we get on with it then? Lead the way to the bedroom.” I’m wondering if Dennis engages in any foreplay. It sounds like he wants to get straight to the point. #WhamBamThankYouMa’am
    (7) It’s always best to shun shunting trains.
    (8) Bad citation: “That night in bed as Reg was sleeping, Mabel lay there in the dark wishing for a romantic blue light to shine through the window.”

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