11 Years Ago Today

On this day in 2012, my mum died in hospital in London. She was 87 years old.

Violet Johnson. 1924-2012

After a long period of suffering, she died in the early hours of the morning. I had been to see her that night, and sat with her until it got late. She didn’t know I was there, as she had not been fully conscious for a long time. The nurse in charge rang me at home around 1:30 AM to tell me the news. I told him I was relieved for her that it was all over, and she was no longer in pain and distress.

It was two days before my 60th birthday, and a few days before I retired from work and moved from London to Norfolk.

She is never forgotten, not for one second.

84 thoughts on “11 Years Ago Today

  1. A nice photo of your mom.
    Yes, mothers are never forgotten.
    I keep missing mine too, the way she was before she didn’t know who she was or who her kids were.

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  2. Pete, we remember our loved ones in death, as we always grieve particularly anniversaries – I am sure you remember her in life too, such as that photo. That is alive!

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  3. When I look at her picture there, I see a beautiful lady with a great heart and a lovely personality –I would have loved to have known your Mum. My Mom died in my arms on a snowy day many years ago …My Mom was 76 when she departed this life. We only get one Mom and none of us will ever forget our own.

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  4. Sending you love, Pete. As others have observed, you have inherited her smile, and piercingly intelligent eyes, and, as you said, the people we have truly loved are never forgotten, not for one second, for as long as we live.

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  5. She was happy in that photo, I can tell. It’s awful to see our parents age and suffer, but unfortunately that’s life. My own mum died in March 2017, and like you I felt relief that she no longer suffered.

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  6. How fortunate you were having your mum in your life for so long. I know how much you meant to each other. The love never ceases and the memories are never forgotten. Her smile is so lovely, Pete. I hope you can fill your day with good memories of her. Warm thoughts to you.

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  7. A lovely homage, Pete. I am lucky to still have my mother with me, and I am trying to catch up on all the time I spent away. I am sure she appreciated your care and company. ♥

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