Life With Mabel: Part Seventeen

This is the seventeenth part of a fiction serial, in 727 words.

Once Reg had been sexually compromised by Winnie, life for Mabel became much more relaxed. He agreed with everything she said, and when she suggested he move into the spare room as sleeping next to him was disturbing her sleep, he said he would make up the spare bed himself. He also started to buy her small gifts. Nothing fancy, just an occasional box of chocolates, or small bunch of flowers, but he had never done that before.

The weekend before Christmas, they drove down to visit both sets of parents. Nothing much was said about Winnie, or that he had moved into the spare room. They spent the time talking about how much they were enjoying living in the new house, and how good their jobs were. The new car impressed everyone, and they had an enjoyable day.

Winnie had a surprise. She had bought a television. Mabel and Reg had never seen one before, and were invited in to watch it one evening. They saw a variety show, and a classical concert, and Mabel was entranced. Reg didn’t seem so bothered. “Not as good as going to the flicks, I reckon. The screen’s too small”. Although there was a cinema in the town, they hadn’t been since moving there. Reg got home too late from work to make it worthwhile, as they would miss the start of the film. Mabel had asked Winnie to go with her, but she hadn’t been keen. “I’m not really bothered about films, Mabel love”.

But now Winnie had a television, they could spend evenings in watching it before going upstairs. Reg asked no questions about their relationship, even when his wife was stopping over at least two nights a week, supposedly in Winnie’s spare room. Mabel had the notion that Reg didn’t even know about women like her and Winnie, or what they did together. She always served up his dinner before leaving for Winnie’s, and he would look at his fishing magazines when she left.

There was no guilt on her mind. She had felt guilty about Dennis, but it was different with Winnie, as far as she was concerned. After all, she was a woman, not a fancy man like Dennis. And they were in love. Not that she would ever tell him that.

After Easter the following year, Mabel felt bold. She had been primed by Winnie, and marched into the manager’s office one morning before the shop opened for business. “I reckon I should be made a supervisor. The truth is I do more of your job than you do, and look after the shop floor most days. So what do you say?” He gave her a pained look. “Well it’s not up to me, Mabel. I would have to contact Head Office, and justify any promotion”. Standing her ground, she shrugged. “Well do that then”.

On the first of June, she was officially promoted.

The extra money came in handy of course, but it was the principle that really mattered to her. The rest of the staff were nice about it. They said things like “About time”, or “You deserve it”. Winnie opened a bottle of good Sherry that night, to toast her success. “You will be manager of that branch one day, sweetheart. Mark my words”. Mabel thought she was going too far there. Women were never branch managers. But it was nice to dream about it, over a large glass of sweet Sherry.

Reg came home one night, looking worried. “I have to go abroad, love. They are sending a team over to the Continent to look at overhead electrified railways. You could have knocked me down with a feather when they told me I was going. I’m gonna have to apply for a passport tomorrow. Three weeks, they said. Putting us up in hotels and everything. Even paying for our meals”. Mabel was kind to him. “I’m so pleased for you, Reg love. They must be recognising your hard work, and being sent abroad must mean they have better things in mind for you. Well done.”

She told Winnie that night as they were watching television. As she had expected, her lover was delighted. “Three weeks with no Reg? Wonderful! You can just move in here for the whole time he’s away”.

That was just what Mabel had hoped she would say.

36 thoughts on “Life With Mabel: Part Seventeen

  1. (1) “Mabel had the notion that Reg didn’t even know about women like her and Winnie, or what they did together.” Reginald figured they played bridge over tea and crumpets.
    (2) You could watch old films on television, like “Dial M for Murder” or “The Man Who Knew Too Little.”
    (3) Reg is hooked on fishing magazines. Meanwhile, Winnie lures Mabel to the bedroom.
    (4a) Winnie is secretive about her relationship with Mabel. Sherry, on the other hand, is open about their relationship. (Why keep it bottled up inside?)
    (4b) I hate to say this, but Winnie is not as sweet as Sherry.
    (5) “You could have knocked me down with a feather…” Reg is no featherweight champion, that’s for sure!
    (6) I wonder if Reg is going to Paris, and whether he will enroll in Carnal 101 at Pigalle University?

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