Mother’s Day 2023

It is Mother’s Day here in England. I no longer have a mother to celebrate with. But Julie is my wife, and a mother of four children, so she has something to celebrate.

She is spending time with one of her daughters this evening, but I have no idea if the other three chidren will get involved.

So happy Mother’s Day to my wife, the mother of four children. She is also a great Mum to our dog, Ollie. He cherishes her.

I hope she has an enjoyable day.

26 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2023

  1. I hope she enjoyed it, Pete. Here the 19th of March (no matter what day of the week it is) is Father’s day, for Saint Joseph, but I lost my dad 8 years ago, so I know what you mean. Here, mother’s day is the first Sunday in May, so there’s a bit of time to go yet.

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  2. When my mum returned to England I had to remember to send her flowers on Mothering Sunday which is so much sooner than our Mother’s Day. I hope she didn’t need a special day to know I loved her.

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  3. Interesting, that day is 14th May here in NZ. As I brought my boys up on my own, they give me a mums day message. I guess Pete you are in animals sense Ollies mum , , so happy Ollies mum day to you

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