Sunday Musings After My Birthday

I found another gadget on the new car this week, Automatic Lights. Just turn the main light switch to Auto, and the lights come on when the sensor decides it is dark enough. For now, we have left it on that setting, but it’s good to know it can be overridden if you want to decide when to switch them on.


As predicted, my birthday was quieter than usual. I received some nice cards, and Julie bought me some new Australian Sheepskin slippers, plus a nice bottle of red wine. I also got a bottle of wine from one of my step-daughters, and a delivery of chocolate truffles from one of my cousins. The children of my blogging friend Eddy Winko sent me some more chocolates and lovely hand-made cards, all the way from Poland.
In the evening, Julie took me to the Turkish Restaurant in Dereham, and we enjoyed a delicious meal.


The weather in Beetley warmed up significantly, but that meant we lost the sunshine and blue skies, which were replaced by rain. Just as well I didn’t want to go out for the day on my birthday, as it was quite miserable. A contrast to last year at this time, when I was wearing shorts.


Ollie is still doing well, and has not flagged at all on his walks this week. His appetite is good, and he has been playing with his toys. All very positive, for his age.


Whatever you are doing today, do it with a smile.


58 thoughts on “Sunday Musings After My Birthday

  1. I have the automatic lights feature on my car, which I like. It’s good if you’re a bit forgetful like me. Sometimes when I’m driving and pass through a shadier area during the day, I’ll notice the lights come on. It seems like a good safety feature.

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  2. (1) Is there an automatic camera in the car? Lights. Camera. Action!
    (2) By mid-afternoon, Pete was feeling peckish. That evening, Julie fulfilled Pete’s birthday wish. After Pete had eaten, Julie asked, “Was the Turkish dish delish?”
    (3) We’re getting a few drops of rain here in Las Vegas today. Basically, we get California’s leftovers.
    (4) Ollie has not flagged on his walks. But did you know that he’s practicing his semaphore behind your back?
    (5) I have miles of smiles. (If only I could find where I put them…)

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  3. New cars are always an adventure of finding new things and missing old we just bought a new car like yours auto lights but found a button, when activated auto dips high beam when another car is registered by the radar, with cruise control I’m not sure if I drive it or it’s driving me. Turkish sounds so good to me right now, might just have to book a table.

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  4. My car has auto lights too and it’s really good. The mechanics always switch it off when doing a service, so I have to remember to switch it on again! BTW did you ever have a gear oil change in your automatic?

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    1. It was done at a main dealer service a couple of years ago. The gearbox was fine, and worked really well. It was the Selector Lever Microswitch that failed, and could not be replaced.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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        1. On previous automatic cars, I used to top up the transmission fluid myself, and the gearbox was a sealed unit that supposedly should never need replacement oil. On my last one, it was all-in-one, and had to be done by the main dealer with special tools. I forget how much they charged, but it wasn’t cheap. (Nothing is) I tried to get it done by someone who wasn’t a main dealer, and he said he wouldn’t touch it.


  5. Glad you’ve had a good week and birthday, and that Ollie is still chipper. That car will be the gift that keeps on giving, Phil is still finding things on his after several months!

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  6. A belated happy birthday to you, Pete! We’re delighted to read that Ollie is fine and doing well and you and Julie are well. Our Volvo is almost five years and we still find new things to learn about the car. Enjoy your Sunday!
    Warm greetings from the coast (wells at least it’s 15° C warmer than in Oslo 😉)
    The Fab Four of Cley 😊😊😊😊

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