Vintage Photographs From The 19th Century

A selection I found online.

Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh. 1850s.

Lake Como, Italy. 1870.

A lady sleeping in a train, 1880.

The Shambles, York. 1890.

A British official in India, with his family and servants. 1890.

A wet day in London, 1890.

Spoon makers in Russia, 1899.

41 thoughts on “Vintage Photographs From The 19th Century

  1. There are parts of Italy that don’t look any different, and maybe looked that way in the 12th Century. I really liked the wet London shot. I think it’s the starting premise for every wet old city scene in every print at the starving artists sales. In fact…

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  2. (1) I think the man with the umbrella accidentally poked a hole in the lady’s dress, and is peeking at the flesh he’s exposed.
    (2) The rapids in this tributary of Lake Como are bone dry. I’ll have to take my canoe elsewhere.
    (3) The lady from Philadelphia was supposed to get off at Denver. Someone needs to tell her that the train is pulling into Salt Lake City.
    (4a) My house is in shambles, and I don’t live anywhere near York!
    (4b) Wikipedia states that “shambles” is an obsolete term for an open-air slaughterhouse and meat market. I wonder if today’s vegans have taken over The Shambles?
    (5) The British official later moved his family to Indiana, where he was blessed with human fans.
    (6) In London, every street is Water Street regardless of what it says on the street sign.
    (7) It’s cold in Russia. At night, you’ll find them spooning in bed!

    Note: My favorite photo here is the one of Greyfriars Churchyard, with a wet day in London coming in second.

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