21 thoughts on “Another Spring

  1. Pete, I’m always honoured to appear on your blog! Also a bit abashed but thoroughly grateful. As you know, I don’t blog properly anymore. The “Pippa Rathborne” site is intended as a website for brand awareness in a dire profession, not as a personal blog, which is why I don’t see the point in “comments”. When I post something worthy of comment and discussion, I promise to press the button.

    Again, it’s a pleasure to be here, and thank you and all your followers who have been so kind to give Old Greenie a Like!

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    1. It is always my pleasure to see a blog post from you, and to feature you on my blog. Even when I am unable to comment. 🙂 We ‘go back a long way’, in the blogging world.
      Best wishes, Pete. xx

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    1. You are all too nice and I will have to rethink. It’s my mistake. I am a dinosaur. I am not at ease promoting myself in my public profession. It is, I guess, a dichotomy.

      There is Pippa Rathborne, who used to blog, and write about cabbages and kings, and there is “Pippa Rathborne” who has always been an actor, but dislikes selling herself – which is essential in the modern world. Hypocritical – I’m happy when other people Like me!

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