24 thoughts on “Photos Of America in 2023: Antony Kyricacou

  1. Some spoke of the USA, others were more evocative of California, but all were worth a look at how someone from another country viewed this country. They are excellent!

    The whole country is too big to be contained in a few photos, and I am reminded of the English couple a few years ago who took a road trip across America and discovered just how big it was when they tried to drive across it. Their progress became a minor news story.

    Just for a point of reference, at legal speeds on I-80 (70 mph/ 113 kph most of the way), it would take 39 hours to cover the 2789 miles/ 4488.4 kilometers from New York City, a typical entry point for international travelers, straight through on the fastest route to Los Angeles, another typical point of interest for those same folks.

    When I’ve traveled from western Nebraska in the middle of the USA to visit family on the west coast, I’ve always broken the trip down into three days so I could see some of the sights along the road. Even that is too fast to enjoy the trip!

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    1. America is so vast compared to the UK, Doug. I don’t even want to drive from Beetley to see friends in Devon, a trip of 6 hours by car. Driving 320 miles seems like such a mission here.
      My friend was in the area around San Diego when he took those photos. I have never been to the USA, although I would dearly love to visit the Civil War battlefields. It just seems too far, and too big.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Actually, many of the more important battlegrounds are in a fairly compact geographic zone, with reasonably easy access by highway. Even if you only made it to Gettysburg, it’s only a bit over a two-hour drive or so. I’d make friends with an American (or person of any nationality) familiar with these sites and American roads and indulge your interests! I think you’d find that part of the US very historic with sites related, too, to colonial times and the war for independence. We are happy to have you British visit finally! LOL! (Even after what you did in Washington, DC in 1812-1814…)

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  2. Apparently, Coachella Valley is in the lower Colorado Desert, which is a subdivision of the larger Sonoran Desert. Much of Southern California is in the Mojave Desert, however. Southern Nevada (including Las Vegas) is also in the Mojave Desert, though most of Nevada is in the endorheic Great Basin. All of these regions are dear to my heart.

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  3. The photos at and around Coachella is near where I live.
    Interesting tidbit regarding that jet fighter photo. You will note on the fuselage is says “USS Oriskany”, yet the display is on the USS Midway. The Oriskany was an aircraft carrier that was decommissioned , that jet saw service on that ship. The Oriskany was taken out of service but it’s post-service role was interesting. It was destined to be an artificial reef off the Florida coast somewhere, open to divers and animal life. But the interesting thing when this happened a few years ago they mounted a number of cameras to record the ship sinking from the inside (video on the net). When the charges detonated you saw the water rushing in from different angles.
    Cool picks as your friend seemed to like to photograph shapes.

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