The Destructors

Following one of my recent photo posts, I was recommended to read a short story. It is called ‘The Destructors’, written by the famous novelist, Graham Greene. He wrote ‘The Third Man’, ‘Brighton Rock’, and many other well-known books. I hadn’t heard of the story, but was able to find it online, free to read.

It takes just 20 minutes to read, and is a powerful story indeed. Many thanks to Liz Guffreau for her suggestion.

This is the link to the story.

28 thoughts on “The Destructors

  1. Worth it for this – so that the house stuck up like a jagged tooth – I’ve seen several teethe similes referring to housing blocks lately. Another to add to the collection. He can drag a story out, though. Like the guy at work or a gathering who starts in with story full of “and then” and halfway through you’re surreptitiously making the universal rotating index finger “speed it up” sign to the person next to you. I read the “Why you should read this” and as always I wonder did the author hang all of those agendas on the work when writing it, or do they just come out and academics hang their own coats on it? Anyway – Thanks! Exposure is always an education.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Phil. I have written quite a bit about playing on bombsites as a child, so Liz pointed me in the direction of this story. It was certainly a subject I can well relate to, and very evocative of my youth in London.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. It was reminiscent of Lord of The Flies in some respects, which was published in 1954. He seemed interested in how the power structure could change so quickly in the gang of boys.
          Greene was an MI6 operative in Africa during WW2, resigning in 1944, so it seems unlikely that he could have written this from any form of personal experience.

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