Not Going To Caister Today

Yesterday, we decided to go on a trip to Caister-On-Sea this morning. This small village on the East Coast has the attraction of a huge beach, a motor museum, and a very old (and very small) castle. It is only 42 miles from Beetley, so an easy journey.

It was going to be a chance to try out Ollie’s new ‘dog-steps’ to get him in and out of the new car, and get our first burst of sea air in 2023.

I was up at a reasonable time, doing my research online.

Only to discover that the castle and the (combined-ticket) motor museum charges an entry fee of Β£23 per adult, which I think is excessive. Dogs are not allowed inside the castle or museum which is no surprise, as that is usual. Julie would take Ollie for a walk on the beach while I went into the castle and museum, hoping to take photographs. Then we would find a cafe nearby to have tea and a snack.

Next job was to check out the opening times.

They don’t open until May! And when they are open, both are closed on Saturdays!

Small wonder that such venues are complaining about loss of visitor numbers, and increasing their admission prices to make up for that.

So we will be going somewhere else, probably Thetford Forest.

Forests do not charge for admission, and they are always open.

38 thoughts on “Not Going To Caister Today

  1. Hi Pete, I recall the year we travelled to the UK in December. We arrived on the 15th and were returning home on 7 January. I didn’t know that all the castles closed for the season on 24 December so that was a real disappointment for me.

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  2. Oh dear! Not very customer-friendly. It’s very similar here in Whitby: even in the season, a lot of shops & cafΓ©s don’t open before 10:30 in the morning, which seems amazing to me, and especially irritating if I want to be out of town as early as possible, before it gets busy, after doing what I need to do. Cheers, Jon.

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    1. Strange opening hours are not that unusual in Norfolk. I soon learned to check on anywhere we plan to visit. Most restaurants are also closed on Mondays around here, for some reason. Only pubs that serve food and Indian restaurants are open on that day. We got caught out by that more than once when we first moved here. We call it ‘Norfolk Mondays’. But I have never previously heard of any visitor attraction that doesn’t open on Saturdays.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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