A Bit Behind

I had to wake up early this morning, for a ‘call of nature’. It was well before 7am, and a look outside the window told me it was pouring with rain, bleak,and very windy. It took me one nanosecond to decide to get back into bed.

As a result, I didn’t stir again until almost 10:30. Julie had to wake me up, or I may well have slept in much later.

Fortunately, I had prepared the first episode of the new serial yesterday, so had no blogging deadlines. But I was on the ‘back foot’ for the rest of the day, and have only just returned from my regular Monday Big Shop at the supermarket.

So if I have missed commenting on any of your posts, I will catch up tomorrow.

At least Ollie got his (wet and rainly) walk at roughly the right time. And the rain stopped at 3pm.

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