37 thoughts on “Moscow On Film In Colour: 1908

  1. (1) I’m pretty sure that’s Moscow on the Hudson.
    (2) The Tsar Bell never rang for freedom. In fact, it never rang at all.
    (3) I see Russians dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh. But are the bells jingling?
    (4) I can see why Russian surnames often end in -ski.
    (5) “I see Pa’s horse. But I can’t see Ma’s cow.”

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    1. I had some wonderful holidays there when it was still the Soviet Union. If things ever calm down, (unlikely) I can really recommend Leningrad. (I still call it that)
      It is an entrancing city, with wonderfully-restored architecture after the damage in WW2.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Lovely stuff! Cameras are obviously still a novelty, but the camera person has some skill, because the long, slow pans are good: a lot of very old films are spoiled for me by short, jerky shots with poor cuts. Interesting how very few of the men are wearing gloves, when it is obviously so cold, and it was amusing to see Inspector Clouseau put in an appearance in one of the later shots [5:25] 😉 Cheers, Jon

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    1. Thanks, Jon. On my trips to the Soviet Union in winter, I was always amazed at how little heavy clothing most people wore. I think it has to get seriously cold there before they notice the difference.
      I also suspect that in 1908, poverty would have been an issue when it came to being able to afford clothes.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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