Ollie’s Vet Visit

We were able to get a quick appointment, so took Ollie to the Vet about his ears yesterday afternoon. A different Vet saw him, and she wanted him up on the examination table, rather than examine him on the floor. That was a struggle, as he has never had to stand on the high table in the past.

At least he went up the new dog steps to get ino the car (with some persuasion), even though he took them two at a time, and almost crashed into the back of the seats when he ‘landed’.

There was good news. The ear problem is not an infection. (That’s a first) It is irritation cased by the build-up of wax low down in his ear. So no antiobiotic gel is required, only a special formulation ear wash to break down the wax. Twice a day for two weeks, then a return visit to check on the progress. The Vet even said we could use olive oil, to save the cost of the ear wash, but as it was not very expensive, we took it.

That was the cheapest Vet trip we have ever had since Ollie was born, (less than £50 in total) and hopefully will get to the root of his current problem.

70 thoughts on “Ollie’s Vet Visit

  1. I hope the treatment works. And yes, olive oil is a good option for earwax in humans as well (although the prices have gone up as well, but probably much less than the medication).

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    1. The photo is from 2021, and he is sitting in the back of my old car when we were on holiday in Lincolnshire. Julie took it on her phone, and it has been on my blog before. It was when he began to ‘look old’, and made me feel quite sad at the time, to be honest.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. The main reason we went with the Vet’s ear wash is because he shakes a lot after it is applied, and we didn’t want olive oil all over the place. The ear wash is much easier to clean up if it gets anywhere. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Good for Ollie. I hope his ears heal quickly. My Golden Retriever, Ruby, is scratching at her ears. She needs her ears cleaned a lot, too. Pets. They are as real as children, when it comes to worrying and care.

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      1. I’m just catching up with this news – very sorry for Ollie and his worried humans. Best wishes to you all – and to Cindy and Ruby (I don’t know if WP will let me “Like” her comment because I am such a Bad Blogger and have to go through hoops just to send this message of sympathy & friendly affection!)

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