Phyllis: Part Four

This is the fourth part of a fiction serial, in 765 words.

With the date arranged, Terence had three days to make his plans. A cheap hotel room in Bayswater was secured for sixty pounds for the one night. A train ticket was booked, and once he arrived at St Pancras it was an easy journey by underground to his down-market hotel. Although he knew in advance that many of his fellow guests might well be asylum seekers, homeless families, or sex-workers, that didn’t matter. Geoffrey was not going to be invited back there.

Because Geoffrey had been excited by the cocktail dress, another visit to one of the better Charity Shops produced a burgundy off the shoulder number that was sparkly, and rather too short for the age of Phyllis. No matter, combined with some hold-up black stockings, it was sure to get the old man’s juices flowing. Terence would travel as a man, and get ready in his hotel room before taking a taxi to the Oxo Tower restaurant as Phyllis. Those cheap hotels rarely had anything resembling a proper concierge, and modern-day London would completely ignore him arriving as a man and leaving as a woman.

Besides, he had already paid online, no breakfast included.

His old overnight bag would do nicely, with a change of clothes for the Saturday and Sunday, in case Geoffrey followed his lead. Terence was pretty sure that he would follow that lead, as he knew exactly what to say, and how to behave. By the time he had finished with him, Geoffrey would be hooked, and unable to resist. In anticipation, he had booked his return ticket for the Monday night, which would give him time to fully implement the plan.

The train ran on time, and he was at the Bayswater hotel ten minutes early. The Eastern European girl behind the formica-topped reception desk gave him a key. Disinterested, she mumbled “Third floor, room nine, a single”. There was no lift, but that was expected. The room was like a prison cell, and the view from the small window looked over the street, choked with cars parked on the resident’s permit spaces. Terence was already down nearly ninety quid, and he was still a long way off from convincing Geoffrey.

No matter. He had some very thick foundation make-up to cover any chance of a five-o-clock shadow later, and a perfume strong enough to stop a clock.

By the time he was ready to leave for the restaurant, he looked so sexy as Phyllis, he almost fancied himself. Hailing a cab outside was easy, and he had timed it to arrive about ten minutes late for the date, though the fare to South London from Bayswater was eye watering.That made him glad he had decided to draw out one hundred pounds in cash.

Because you never knew when you might need cash.

Geoffrey was standing outside the entrance to the restaurant, and was effusive with his praise as Terence emerged from the taxi as Phyllis.

“Oh, you look so wonderful. More than my wildest expectations, dear Phyllis”.

The meal in the restaurant went well. If Geoffrey had the remotest suspicions that Phyllis was not female, they were not apparent. Terence let him do all of the talking, and it was pure gold. A five-bedroom house in the best part of Surrey. Membership of the local golf club, and the local Masonic lodge. Close contact with his children and grandchildren. all of whom lived nearby, and were equally minted.

Keen to impress, Geoffrey ordered the most expensive items on the menu, and excellent accompanying wines regardless of price. By the time they had finished the desserts and moved on to liquers, he was making his move.

“I would love to show you my home, Phyllis. Do you think that if I collected you by car tomorrow you would be willing to stay overnight?” Terence was suitably cautious. “Well, I would have to have my own room of course, but I think that would be lovely, Geoffrey”. As he was speaking, Terence crossed his legs to show some stocking top. That wouldn’t hurt.

Geoffrey was stil excited.

“Well, shall we say eleven? Give you time for breakfast and getting ready? Let me know where you want to be picked up from.”

Terence told him he would wait outside Paddington Station. No need to be specific about where he was staying.

Outside of the Oxo Tower, he allowed Geoffrey to flag down a cab, and kiss him briefly on the lips. As he got into the taxi, he blew the old man a kiss.

“See you tomorrow, dear Geoffrey”.

45 thoughts on “Phyllis: Part Four

  1. I just had to remember the right word, but Jennie’s comment helped. πŸ˜‰ It really seems Geoffrey got hooked. Well, let’s see what’s coming next. Sorry, for another delay, Pete! Happy May Day! Γ„h better “Evening”. I hope you enjoyed the day! xx Michael

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  2. (1) I’ve watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” and am pretty sure that Klaatu had a bottle of that perfume that is strong enough to stop a clock.
    (2) “By the time he was ready to leave for the restaurant, he looked so sexy as Phyllis, he almost fancied himself. Hailing a cab outside was easy…” It turned out that the cab driver was also into auto-eroticism.
    (3) “…the fare to South London from Bayswater was eye watering.” I see what you did there.
    (4) Bad citation: “The meal in the restaurant went well. It was both chewable and digestible.”
    (5) Terence crossed his legs to show some stocking top. I’m following my basic instinct here, but I would caution him against ever imitating Catherine Tramell.
    (6) Paddington Station? I can bearly wait!

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