Phyllis: Part Six

This is the sixth part of a fiction serial, in 801 words.

As Geoffrey had taken off his suit jacket and excused himself to use the bathroom, Terence had a quick look through the pockets. As well as a wallet, he found a packet of Viagra, with one tablet missing. Smiling, he imagined Geoffrey standing in the bathroom taking the tablet, and psyching himself up for the planned seduction of Phyllis. A mobile phone was also in the inside pocket, and he took that, placing it in his handbag.

He needn’t have worried, as Terence planned on making it very easy for him.

The new boyfriend return holding a bottle of expensive Cognac, and two brandy bowl glasses. “I thought a nightcap would be in order my dear”. He sat close after filling the glasses with a hefty measure, and gently tapped the rim of his glass against Terence’s. “Here’s to beauty, and to us”. After their first sip, he leaned forward, planting a rather clumsy kiss on Terence’s lips. His face was flushed and warm, and the kiss was allowed and returned.

It was important to make him think he was going to get somewhere.

There didn’t seem to be any point beating about the bush, so he closed the deal with a prepared speech. “Geoffrey dear, you really don’t have to try to seduce me. I am more than willing to share your bed tonight. Let’s finish our drinks, and then give me time to get ready, okay?” It seemed to come as a surprise, but a welcome one. Follwing a large gulp of the Cognac, he replied.

“Oh, that would be wonderful. It has been a long time you see. My wife was unwell for many years before she died. Take as much time as you need”. Terence gently stroked the man’s hot face, then placed his glass on the table. “Why don’t I go up now? Come and join me in fifteen minutes, and make sure you are ready for action”. He thought Geoffrey’s eyes would pop at that, and his nodding agreement was shaking the jowls on his face.

Up in the master bedroom, Terence removed all his clothes except for the stockings, then put a silky black nightgown gown loosely around his shoulders. using Geoffrey’s phone, he took selfies as he wandered around the bedroom. Making sure the background showed exactly where he was, and even including a large framed family photo hanging on the wall. With the self timer, he placed the phone on a side table, and draped himself across the bed, looking rampant and blatant as he stared into the camera.

That done, he sent all the photos to his own phone as a backup, then started to send Geoffrey’s contacts to his phone too.

Hearing footsteps, he put the phone on the bedside table and wrapped the flimsy nightgown around his body. Lying back against the sumptuous pillows, he called out through the half-open door. “Is that you, my lover? I am ready for you”.

Geoffrey had been emboldened by alcohol, and walked into the room stark naked. One glance showed the Viagra had started to do its job very well. “Oh, my word, let me take a photo please. What a magnificent specimen”. Flattered, Geoffrey put his hand on his hips, and posed smiling for two photos.

Then Terence put the phone down, flung open the nightgown, and revealed all. “Come and get me”.

Frozen to the spot, his jaw dropped, and didn’t close again for a long time. Terence pretended to be hurt. “What’s wrong my dear? Don’t you want your lovely Phyllis?” Unable to reply, Geoffrey backed out of the room, still staring at the vision draped on top of his bed. He didn’t return to the bedroom for at least ten minutes, and when he did he was fully dressed. More confused than angry, he spoke calmly.

“There has been a terrible mistake, I’m afraid. I mean, I had no idea. This isn’t what I wanted at all”. As he was trying to explain himself, Terence tried not to laugh. He could see that the Viagra was still working, and poor Geoffrey was in such a state. He continued to act offended. “But are you sure you don’t want me, my darling? I assure you it would be a night you would never forget. Why not just lie next to me for a while, and let me change your mind?”

Setting his jaw, Geoffrey replied, still polite. “No, nothing like that is going to happen. I think you had better go. I will order you a taxi, you can take it wherever you need to go, and I will pay the driver in advance”. Terence changed his expression, and his voice.

“I don’t think so old love. Why don’t you sit down? We need to have a talk about something”.

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