Some More Random Photos Found Online

Various photos that I found interesting.

Poplar, East London. Two young girls practice their ballet moves on the wall of their small garden. Late 1950s.

The North of England, 1960s. Two female friends share some local gossip.

Post-War London. A busy street market.

Dustmen emptying bins on ‘bin day’. Those battered metal dustbins are a thing of the past in modern Britain. (Colourised)

Northern Russia, 1952. Locals are very excited by a delivery of watermelons during winter.

Paris, 1953. A boy checks his change after buying a baguette almost as tall as him.

Manchester, England in the 1960s. The local children are happy to pose for a press photographer.

Carnaby Street, London in 1967. This was the centre of ‘Swinging Sixties’ fashion.

Wartime prefabs and the looming power station. England, 1950s.

33 thoughts on “Some More Random Photos Found Online

  1. (1) I expected to see a poplar, but I guess I was barking up the wrong tree.
    (2) Overheard:
    Woman #1: “What if there’s bugging devices hidden in our street lamps?”
    Woman #2: “That’s ridiculous! You’re just being paranoid… Now, what about your secret plan to run naked through the House of Parliament?”
    Street Lamp: “I heard that!”
    (3) “Grocers that please. Our cucumbers welcome your tomatoes.”
    (4) Those metal dustbins were recycled. They were made into cheap wartime medals that many recipients simply trashed.
    (5) Melons remind me of an old joke…
    Q. “What do you get when you cross Lassie with a cantaloupe?”
    A. “A melon-collie baby!”
    (6) The long and short of it: “Aujourd’hui j’achète une baguette pour ma mère. Demain j’ouvre ma braguette pour une femme.”
    (7) Overheard:
    Mildred: “We’re off to the circus. I’m going to pedal this bike across a tightrope with all my friends here above me, feet on shoulders. Frankie here will be on top, playing the trombone while juggling a dozen torches and chewing a wad of bubble gum with his eyes closed!”
    Frankie: “It’s tricky.”
    (8) Overheard:
    Tom:: “I’ve always wanted to take an Astro Cruise on Carnaby Street!”
    Irvine: “Whatever floats your boat.”
    (9) The word “loom” reminds me of a visit I once made to Watkins Mill. It makes for a powerful impression! (And no, I’m not pulling the wool over your eyes.)

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  2. What strikes me, especially in the picture of the two ladies in the North is the total absence of litter. Even that last image. Love the boy with baguette. There’s nothing quite like proper French baguette. I wonder do they still sell them that way or do they have to be wrapped? Watermelons in Russia! Did they even know what they were? Highly overrated in my opinion.

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    1. I suppose if you lived in the Arctic North of Russia, any fresh fruit would have been a novelty, Carolyn. We take melons for granted, as we can buy them almost all year round.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Sam’s uncle was a bin man just like those when our boys were small, and our house at the time was on his round. He’d always run and grab me if he saw me in the street, and he’d give me a hug. Sometimes he’d need a shower if it was the end of his round, but I’d never complain as he was a lovely man.

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    1. I can remember it was hard to get a job as a dustman. It was relatively well-paid, and an early finish. You had to know someone already working for the Council in those days, as they never advertised the job.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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