‘A History of the World According to Getty Images’

My thanks to fellow blogger Carolyn for bringing my attention to this 19-minute video about the control and use of images. It contains a lot of familiar film footage throughout history, and some eye-opening information about who owns the rights to it, and how much they charge to access it.

Carolyn is originally from England, and now resides in New York State. A large number of cats allow her to share their house, and her blog is packed full of photographs, as well as tales of her everyday life. https://catsincambridge.net/

This is the link to the film. I suggest muting the strange musical soundtrack when you watch it.

‘A History of the World According to Getty Images’ Challenges the Power Structures Inherent in the Capture and Control of Footage

28 thoughts on “‘A History of the World According to Getty Images’

            1. The story of my life is on my blog in dozens of posts, which is what I was referring to. I have already had one complaint from an ex-girlfriend who recognised herself from my description of events. Fortunately I didn’t name her, so it went no further.

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  1. Copyright, intellectual property, fair use, are all about to get an overhaul or it will be content anarchy down to this generative nonsense. (I refuse to call it AI as it is not intelligent) While I think it’s complete shit what archive houses charge, it’s also one of those things. It costs money to store it. And money to retrieve it. Yes, there should be a library of these artifacts, and it should be accessible but in the end someone has to pay for it, directly or indirectly. I am a firm believer in using technology that sits at the edge of legal light to get what needs doing done. Example – a photograph with the Getty watermark is $$$. Adobe will, online and for free, remove that watermark. Whose the bad guy in that scenario? Perhaps Adobe shouldn’t remove it. Perhaps Getty shouldn’t have put their tattoo on it in the first place.
    The bit about what are we really seeing is that age old proverb about history being written by the victors
    And, having been guilty numerous times of “art noise” for free and $, the soundtrack as reflective dissonance wasn’t as out of character as it was simply way too loud. An arteest can’t allow something as disjointed and out of order as pay for public domain to get a harmonically correct or even a musically androgenous ambient soundtrack. I mean it’s not a whistle a happy tune context🤣

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  2. What is also interesting is the point Misek makes that what we think we see may not be so. The Cambodian villagers waving at the arriving army…or were they. I suspect they may have been surrendering since they had been victims so often of crossfire…so to speak.

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