Friday Showcase – 21st April

It is always very nice to be featured on another blog, and today I am flattered that Stevie Turner has included me in her new feature, Friday Showcase.

Stevie Turner

Today on Friday Showcase I’m going to feature two blogger friends of mine. The first blogger is Pete Johnson, alias BeetleyPete. You can find his blog page here:

Pete grew up in London and then retired to East Anglia. He doesn’t have any published books, but he writes very entertaining short story serials on his blog. He also has a nostalgia section where you can find old songs and many interesting photos from Victorian times right up to the Swinging Sixties. He is also a dog lover, and often writes about his dog Ollie.

The second blogger is Clive Pilcher, alias Take it Easy. You can find his blog page here:

Clive lives in London, features mostly music on his blog, and publishes Tuesday Tunes and Song Lyric Sunday, but also writes about mental health issues after suffering his own mental health problems some years…

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