Phyllis: Part Twelve

This is the twelfth part of a fiction serial, in 785 words.

Before Clive was due to turn up, Terence decided to buy some suitable attire. Deciding he should look something like a strict school-teacher or governess, he toured the charity shops for the right look. A tweed skirt and matching jacket, a high-necked blouse to go under that, finished off with some fake pearls. The whole outfit only cost him eight pounds, and he managed to get some lace-up heavy female shoes in another shop for just a pound. They were a bit tight, but he could bear them for one afternoon.

In a garden supplies shop, he bought a couple of bamboo canes, the type used to support plants. It might be that Clive wanted some corporal punishment on Friday, and though he had a large flat hairbrush in the bedroom, the canes would deliver extra pain if required. He already had some old brown spectacles in his flat, and they would round off the look very nicely. His acting ability would easily deal with the right tone of voice and dominant behaviour mentioned by Clive, so when Friday morning arrived, he was quietly confident.

Clive arrived five minutes early, but Terence was already dressed as Miss Phyllis. If he said so himself, the woman looking back at him in the mirror was very scary.

He looked just like his photo, and was carrying a large sports bag when he walked in. His attitude was strangely businesslike, and Terence could tell he had done this before. “I would like to change in your bedroom if that’s okay, Phyllis”. Terence showed him into the tidied-up bedroom, and waited. When the tubby man emerged, it was all he could do not to laugh out loud. He was dressed as a scholgirl, in a uniform that looked completely authentic. Not bothering with make-up, he was wearing a cheap, straw-coloured blonde wig. He smiled, and asked casually, “Is this okay for you? I’m a naughty schoolgirl sent to be disciplined”.

Terence couldn’t trust himself not to laugh, so nodded. Regaining his composure, he called upon his acting ability to play his part.

“Go and stand over in the corner, until I decide what to do with you”. The man bit his bottom lip exaggeratedly. “Yes Miss, sorry Miss”. Terence stared at the grown man trembling in the corner. He wasn’t surprised, as over the years he had heard of just about every kink imaginable. This one was actually quite easy, and was unlikely to involve any sexual activity on his part. After leaving Clive in the corner for ten minutes, he raised his voice in apparent anger.

“This is not the first time you have had to be sent to my office. But this time you need to be taught a lesson”. He sat on the small sofa. “Come here and receive your punishment”. As Clive reached the sofa, he assumed the position without being told what to do. Stretched out across Terence’s lap, waiting for whatever happened. Lifting the pleated skirt, Terence smacked him hard across his thighs and bum cheeks, over his underwear. Surprisingly, that hurt his hand, so he pulled down the underwear just far enough, and reached to the side of the sofa for one of the canes.

The first hard stroke of the cane made Clive gasp, the second made him wince in pain. But he also became aroused, which Terence was left in no doubt of. By the time he had hit the man six times, his skin was bright red and starting to swell. But he didn’t complain. “You want more, you bad girl?” Clive replied with a nod. Six more strokes were as much as he could take, calling out “Enough Miss!” as Terence noticed a thin cut appearing across one of the weals. He couldn’t help but wonder how Clive explained such injuries to his wife. Maybe he wasn’t married, after all?

Standing up and adjusting his underwear, Clive looked happy. “That was wonderful. Could we do it again next Friday, something different? You really get it, so many don’t understand”. It was easy work for Terence. The man had only been there for an hour, and was already heading for the bedroom to change. He called after him. “That will be acceptable, next Friday at one then”.

Dressed again as Clive, he reached into the sports bag, producing a large envelope. “Is five hundred alright? You certainly deserve it” Terence took the envelope, and nodded. That was the easiest cash he had ever earned in his life, and a very nice hourly rate too. On top of that, he had neither asked for it, nor expected it. He stood up and kissed Clive on the cheek.

“See you next Friday then”.

43 thoughts on “Phyllis: Part Twelve

  1. (1) Wouldn’t a suit be suitable attire?
    (2) Minnie Pearl: “The world is my oyster. Howdy ya like that?!”
    (3) Corporal punishment: raising cane; lowering cane; raising cane; lowering cane… (This produces pain of biblical proportions.)
    (4) “…the woman looking back at him in the mirror was very scary.” This reminds me of a 2018 Canadian psychological horror drama film entitled “Look Away.” In the film, a young woman discovers that her reflection in the bathroom mirror takes on a life of its own, and eventually talks her into switching places. Stars India Eisley and Mira Sorvino.
    (5) Does a tubby man take showers or…?
    (6) Normally, after three strikes, Clive would be out.
    (7) Overheard:
    Phyllis: “Can you find happiness in corporal punishment?”
    Clive: “Where there’s a weal, there’s a way.”

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