Phyllis: Part Eighteen

This is the eighteenth part of a fiction serial, in 745 words.

As he sat eating a tasty Steak and Ale Pie with vegetables in a decent pub, Terence suddenly had an idea. It was one of those light-bulb moments, and a smile spread across his face. There were so many men like Alan, more than any straight people could ever imagine. So many in fact, that there was a market for places that allowed those men to become women for the day, dressing up as they wished, learning how to sit, walk and talk, apply make-up, choose wigs, and be themselves for a few hours in like-minded company.

Such places already existed in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, probably in other cities too. He had once seen one on Eversholt Street, near Euston Station. Blacked out windows, but an obvious name, ‘Transformation’. Was there one in Lincolnshire? A quick search on his phone showed nothing similar, just ads from crossdressers actually looking for the service. After dinner, a stroll around Horncastle revealed a few shops to let, but they were all quite central, and not really secluded enough. He decided to go home and do some research.

By Wednesday, he had signed the lease on a former solicitor’s premises at the edge of town. Parking for four cars, and six rooms that could be used however he wanted. Another online search had bought him a custom-built website, using his chosen name of ‘New You’. It was going to take some interior decorating, and removal of some partitions, but he reckoned he could go live by the end of the month.

Everything he needed could be bought online and delivered. Mirrors, make-up, wigs, some dresses and skirts, underwear in assorted sizes, and shoes in larger sizes. He sat and worked out the charges. The basic service would be one hundred pounds an hour, with a minimum of three hours. That would include the tuition, but the hire of clothing and wigs would be extra if they didn’t have their own. No more than three men at a time, to ease any parking issues, and to make it feel spacious and relaxed.

Advertising could be mainly done online, using Facebook and other social media. Links to the website allowed potential customers to ask questions, and book sessions. A new mobile phone with a different number reserved only for the business, and he would always be Miss Phyllis as far as they were concerned.

It took seven weeks and over nine grand, but when he went live he had his first booking within the hour. By the time he logged off to cook some dinner, eight bookings. As he sat at the dining table, Terence was pleased with himself. He had gone completely legit, used his skills honed after years of acting, and didn’t have to worry about blackmail and revenge any longer. He knew once those first customers gave him a good review or spoke to their closeted friends about New You, he would be as busy as he could cope with.

For maximum discretion, he didn’t advertise around Horncastle, and he had no exterior signs that gave any idea what business was going on inside the refurbished bulding. Terence would go to work as himself, changing into Phyllis before the customers arrived, and back again before going home. A video entry system would make sure no unsuspecting shoppers turned up out of curiosity, and the door would be locked before each arrival. He had a toilet and shower facility for them to use, as well as a machine that made tea and coffee which he would give out free of charge. One of the rooms was done out as a comfortable lounge area, where they could get together and relax. Talk among friends, swap life stories, or just sit around feeling female.

Other than the builders who had made the changes, painted the walls, and installed the mirrors, nobody had any idea what he was doing. He had told them he was getting the property ready for a friend who had a dressmaking business, and they seemed to accept that.

He had also worked out some figures. Open six days a week, closed on Mondays, he could make a good living even if he only had three customers a day at the basic rate. That was nine hundred a day, potentially much more if they hired the outfits or wanted to stay longer than three hours.

If it all worked out, he was going to need a good accountant.

39 thoughts on “Phyllis: Part Eighteen

  1. Hmmm β€œOther than the builders who had made the changes, painted the walls, and installed the mirrors, nobody had any idea what he was doing. β€œ …..and beware the past,too

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  2. All set to go until Pete decides otherwise…smile- can’t wait for the next few episodes and I know he has been a naughty boy but he’s trying to be good, Pete ..Tweeted for you πŸ™‚ x

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  3. I remember the character he screwed over early in the series who promised revenge. The irony here is that trying to run a legitimate business may lead to his downfall.

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  4. (1) A light-bulb moment LED me to the hardware store yesterday. I needed to replace some candelabra bulbs.
    (2) Overheard:
    Eve: “Where are you going?”
    Adam: “A place called New You. I want to learn how to be like a woman!”
    Eve: “And who’s the instructor?”
    Adam: “Hell if I know…”
    (3) Overheard:
    Dorothy Gale:: “Aunt Em, why did you black out the windows?”
    Aunt Em: “Quiet! Can’t you see I’m watching a movie?”
    Dorothy Gale: “What are you watching?”
    Aunt Em: “Gone with the Wind.”
    (4) In order for Terence to make men look like women, he has to work out the figures. Otherwise, the business will go bust.
    (5) Overheard:
    Phone caller: “A want to be a woman for a day. Are you open?”
    Terence/Phyllis: “We’re always open! Well, except for rainy days and Mondays. What do you do for a living?”
    Phone caller: “I’m a carpenter. But God says I’m destined to become a cross-dresser.”
    (6) Overheard:
    New You client: “I”m not feeling female. I’m feeling blue.”
    Terence/Phyllis: “And why is that?”
    New You client: “I expected the walls to be painted pink.”
    (7) Terence/Phyllis: “Okay, girls. Today, we’re going to pretend this is a brothel. I’m going to be the madam, and you’re all going to be prostitutes. Now, in order to play your roles convincingly, you have to know what men expect of you. Raise your hand if you think you know.”

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