The Last Sunday Musings For April

I had already posted some musings on Wednesday, having missed out last Sunday due to becoming forgetful. If you didn’t see that post, here’s a link.

Belated Sunday Musings On A Wednesday

As a result, today’s offering is shorter than usual.


Ollie finally had his grooming and claw-clip on Wednesday afternoon. He was long-overdue, as the failure of my old car meant he could not be taken the three miles to the grooming shop. Then when we got the new car, we had to wait for an appointment. He had to be washed twice, once in a strong shampoo, and again in his hypo-allergenic shampoo. After that, she gave him a Watermelon Face-Wash to smarten up his jowls, and clipped his claws.
It was nice to once again have a sweet-smelling dog, even though it won’t last into next week.


We remarked that we had used the central heating every day in April, due to the unseasonal cold. That finally changed today, with a rise to 16C (61F) this afternoon, and some real heat in the sunshine. I saw many people over on Beetley Meadows wearing shorts, and if this keeps up, I will be wearing them from tomorrow.


Wherever you live, I hope that you are having a pleasant Sunday, with some nice weather.


44 thoughts on “The Last Sunday Musings For April

  1. It’s warming up here as well, Pete, although, luckily, it is not scorching yet, as it has been in some places in Spain. And we finally got a bit of much-needed rain. Not enough, though, but…

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  2. We have gone from heat to a/c and back to heat at least a dozen times in the past two weeks … spring cannot seem to make up its mind whether to stay or go. Can’t say as I blame it! Good for a nice clean Ollie!!!

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  3. (1) Apparently, there was 1970 film called Watermelon Man where, according to IMDb, “an extremely bigoted white man finds out the hard (and somewhat humorous) way what it’s like being a black man, firsthand!” Maybe he should have used a watermelon face-wash?
    (2) It’s borderline hot here today. The forecast calls for a high of 97Β° F (36Β° C). Thankfully, a cooling trend is in the cards as the week progresses. We Las Vegans can’t be fooled, though. We know that, ultimately, we’ll all be turned into crispy bacon pieces.
    (3) Visiting friends for lunch today. Looking forward to it.

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  4. Pete, after a winter of much-needed rain, Southern California did indeed get an amazing super bloom – and so much pollen that allergies have gone crazy! Still, with weather in the high 70’s all the way to the 90’s, it seems we are back to usual here…hope the end of your weekend is pleasant. cheers!

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  5. This reminded me of my aunt’s Cocker spaniels. They used to get trimmed and bathes and came home looking pleased with themselves. And they smelled lovely…till they went outside in the yard. I miss seeing a dog’s wriggly tail.

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  6. Hi Pete, I’m back from a 2 week cruise. We flew to Gran Canaria, got on the ship there and went to various cities, finally to Mallorca and back by plane. The most beautiful shore excursions were in Lisbon and Gibraltar.
    The temperatures in southern Spain were over 30 degrees.
    It’s 11 degrees here now, but we have nice sunshine.
    I hope that it will soon be noticeably warmer and that the heating can stay off.
    It’s nice that Ollie is doing better. Hopefully this lasts a long time.
    I wish you a nice Sunday too.
    Best wishes, Irene

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  7. I expect Ollie feels better now πŸ˜€ It’s not very warm up here yet, Pete: we’ve had ‘mizzly’ weather most of last week, with only odd glimpses of the sun, although I’m cautiously hopeful for today. I won’t be breaking out the shorts just yet πŸ˜‰ Cheers, Jon.

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