Fake Agent Scam Targeted At Writers

Are you a writer hoping to be published? Think you might need a Literary Agent? This article warns of the potential pitfalls involving professional scammers who are out to get your money. It is required reading for anyone thinking of taking the leap to becoming a published author.


34 thoughts on “Fake Agent Scam Targeted At Writers

  1. When I was teaching I had students scammed by the “opportunity” to have their writing published. For a small fee of course. They were so proud when they showed me the anthology with their work included.

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  2. I’ve had several scammers reach out to me. They are rather professional sounding. Just takes a few clicks on the net to do some research. Thanks for sharing the information Pete. Hope a lot of writers see this.

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  3. When people are educated higher & told they can get top jobs & there are no jobs, it pushed bad buttons in the brain to feed the mouth.

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  4. Shared on Facebook, Pete. I don’t know if these scammers operate in Britain [I asked Nicholas in a comment] but it wouldn’t surprise me if they, or some other low-life, do. Cheers, Jon.

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