London NW1: Four Photos By David Bailey

The NW1 postal area in London covers the districts of Camden, Euston, Regents Park, and Primrose Hill. It was the postal district I lived in for twelve years before I left London for good. In 1982, the famous British Photographer David Bailey published a book of photographs, taken when he lived in the area. I found four of them today.

I had some dealings with him once, and have to say he wasn’t very nice on that occasion. However, he took some interesting photos.

(All photos by David Bailey)

The closed down bakery shop of the Aereated Bread Company.

People enjoying the snow on Primrose Hill.

Street scene, Buck Street.

St Pancras Station from Euston Road.

22 thoughts on “London NW1: Four Photos By David Bailey

    1. NW6 is further west, and includes Kilburn, Queens Park, and parts of Hampstead. Another part of London with a huge mix of property and wealth division, Olga.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. (1) I thought ABC stood for Abbotsford, British Columbia. I any event, they have a dozen bakeries there.
    (2) I’ve never been to Primrose Hill. But I’ve been to Primm Valley. It’s a casino on the Nevada-California border.
    (3) Whatever happened to that doe-eyed girl on Buck Street?
    (4) Look at all that cigarette smoke in the sky! Someone has been smoking a LOT of Benson & Hedges cigarettes! And judging by the dark color of the smoke, the company is not being truthful about tar content!


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