First Sunday Musings For May

Weather took centre stage this past week. I was wearing shorts last Monday, in sunny, warm weather. On Tuesday I was wearing a heavy coat, and by Wednesday I was seriously considering turning the heating back on. On Saturday it rained on and off all day, and was dark enough in the afternoon to have lights on in the house by 4pm. It doesn’t feel much like May, from where I sit.


Ollie managed to stay fresh from his grooming until he decided to plunge into the river on Wednesday. Now he is back to smelling like a dog.


We had a coronation in Britain on Saturday. I had no desire to watch the archaic nonsense on TV, so Ollie got a longer than usual walk.


Tomorrow is a public holiday because of the coronation. Just another Monday for me, so I will be doing the supermarket big-shop, as the shops are open.


I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday, whatever you are doing, and wherever you are doing it.


63 thoughts on “First Sunday Musings For May

  1. They showed it here as well, but I was blessedly busy, as the radio station I volunteer at where covering a local fair for charities, associations, and schools, with performances and all. As there are local elections coming up soon, we had plenty of politicians visiting us. I would have also opted for a walk in your case.

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  2. Let us hope the temperatures will increase soon. There are not many months till the next horrible winter. ;-/Here we are discussing which kind of heating we should use in future. Our politicans seems to be the silliest one all over the world. ;-/ Best wishes, Michael

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  3. Our May opened up looking a lot like June. Now it has decided to rain almost daily. My backyard is soup my dogs use to glaze the tile and there is no dodging the puddles on the walk… I feel your pain. Hell of party they threw over there for a couple of geezers. I coulda probably put some new tires on my car for what they paid for that🤣

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  4. Our weather has been completely fickle here, too! Mostly cold and rainy, then a few days of sunny and warm to get our hopes up, repeat cycle! Also, I did not get up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the coronation, but I did see clips of the crown being placed on the new king’s head! It did seem a bit silly as it must weigh a hundred pounds!

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      1. 44C is a bit too hot for us even the Thais are complaining and saying there is no air…Today is much better at 34C mid-afternoon but the storm this morning has cooled it down thank goodness 🙂 x

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  5. The weather has been the same here, freezing cold and pouring rain, to sunny and very warm. Too bad Ollie spoiled his grooming so soon, but I’m sure he’s a much happier dog. I knew you would not be watching the coronation.

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  6. We have finally begun a week of nice weather. Charlie has drained the snow blower and stored it in the garage until next winter. I did tease him about being so certain the snow is done! I missed the whole show around Charles.

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  7. Pete, it is indeed fascinating thing to see: so much live news coverage here in the US…oh, and one day I will share my no-King Charles story…a fascinating look at that family that I got to see from the inside….

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    1. I would love to know that story, John. Make sure to let me know it before I die. Don’t forget I am 71 now! (You can always email it to me, and I will keep it secret)
      Best wishes, Pete. 🙂


  8. “I had no desire to watch the archaic nonsense on TV” Same here! All those millions of £ wasted on ceremony, when so many people are suffering throughout the world. I hope your weather improves, Pete. We’ve had a week of rain as well. Cheers!

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  9. (1) It’s been relatively cool here this weekend, compared to the rather hot weekend that closed April. Yesterday, I went on a nice hike with two other individuals in the desert. Blue skies…
    (2) Yesterday’s hike also included a Blue Heeler. She stopped now and then to smell like a dog…by digging her nose into the desert sage.
    (3) I paid no attention to the coronation, though the news media here covered it extensively.
    (4) Enjoy your bank holiday, and pay attention to the weather!
    (5) I haven’t decided whether I’ll stay inside or desert the house for the, uh, desert.

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  10. Same weather back-and-forth here. Warm-up began yesterday, but I still wore the light down coat to walk Enzo this morning. Spring is always like this in this part of Pennsylvania, then all of a sudden, when it should be 75, it’s 90 and we’re stuck with it for three months. Not a complaint, though, as we had a very easy winter this year. I loved all the pageantry and was glad I got to see it, but I do understand your perspective.

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    1. Thanks, Angela. It has crept up to 70F this afternoon, after a chilly start. Glad you enjoyed the coronation, it seems just as many people in the US like the royals. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  11. I watched the coronation. It was all very touching in a way. When do you ever see something like this? But when I think of all the costs, I’m also annoyed that it’s at the expense of the entire population. King Charles has enough money, doesn’t he? He should pay at least part of it.
    The other European royal families don’t make such a fuss about it either.

    The weather wasn’t that great this week either. My heating is still on. 13 degrees and rain is forecast. I hope it will be warmer soon.

    Have a nice Sunday too.
    Best wishes, Irene

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  12. May has been all seasons in one month. I quite enjoyed the coronation, with major reservations about the spending of it all. Wishing you a restful Sunday and great week ahead.

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  13. Charles Philip Arthur George here Pete, can you take Ollie for a longer walk today, maybe with mummys corgis for company (or even my wife) – and do not get Ollie damn well dirty will you (nor my wife), don’t want him (or her) smelling like a damn dog do we & damn he will ruin my carpet which I’ve spent damn millions on replacing. I never liked mummys carpet colours anyway. I can’t control the weather Pete -damn I have not been given such powers – yet. Maybe my wife has (thats my 2nd one) n ow she is Queen. What? Drag Queen!! heavens Pete oh no. Yes its May Pete. How do I know? Well the Queen (my wife you know) is now saying all the damn time, may we do this, may we do that, may we spend the good publics money.

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  14. Pretty much normal weekend for me, Pete, but I’m hoping the goodish start to the day here will continue into the afternoon for Kiki’s party. Hopefully Radio 3 will return to normal as the week progresses, after all the sycophantic grovelling. cheers, Jon.

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  15. Weather is a frickle bitch…LOL That is always the way….MoMo gets cleaned and a day later she is back to smelling like a dog…..I do not understand Americans fascination with all thing royal…..for me it is a waste. Have a great Sunday chuq

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