Borley Rectory Re-Visited

For lovers of a short, well-crafted ghost story, Stevie Turner has just posted a great one! Check out the link.

Stevie Turner

I’ve always been fascinated by the old Borley Rectory, which was once the most haunted house in England before it was destroyed by fire. I thought I’d write a little story about it below – hope you like it.

Borley Rectory Re-Visited.

Copyright Stevie Turner 2023

28th February 1939

I had been lucky enough to live locally at the time, and had answered the advert when Harry Price had been looking for official observers. We were at Helen Glanville’s séance on the night when Sunex Amures came through to say that he would burn down Borley Rectory. Maybe he had changed his mind at the last moment, because a devastating fire had been extinguished only yesterday after the new owner Captain Gregson had unpacked boxes and knocked over an oil lamp.

As I lived in the next road, I felt a need to see the old rectory again before…

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