More From Diane Arbus: 1962-1965

I found some more photos taken by Diane Arbus. These are from 1962-1965 and were taken on her walks around New York City. I like the way Diane often chose to photograph people who looked slightly out of the ordinary, as well as taking conventional photos of children.

36 thoughts on “More From Diane Arbus: 1962-1965

  1. (1) “We’re ordinary people, but we’re not as famously ordinary as Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore.”
    (2) After the photographer left, the female double agent handed the male CIA operative a fake Russian dossier.
    (3) “Huh? You want me to kiss a frog? Sorry, but I’m not that desperate for a date!”
    (4) “Oh, ya think that story was raunchy? Well, y’ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”
    (5) “She’s already two days late. If she doesn’t show up by Wednesday, I’m outta here!”
    (6) “Okay, so I’ve been flagged as overweight. But at least I’m not as skinny as a pole like Twiggy!”
    (7) “We had to choose between baseball and figure skating. It was a really tough decision.”
    (8) “Daddy! You’re home! How was your meeting with Lucky Luciano?”

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  2. That lady sure had an eye. She sure wasn’t looking to shoot just another pretty face. I wonder what was the backstory in that last one. Was the little girl running to Diane or was she running to someone by Diane.

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    1. She usually went out alone to take photos, Don. My best guess is the little girl was running toward her parents, but I can’t be sure. Diane did have two daughters, so it might have been one of them, but the article didn’t state who the child was.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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