Seeking Shelter At The Seaside

Enjoying a healthy break by the sea in Britain was popularised by the Prince Regent, who had a palace built close to the sea in Brighton in 1787. When he became king, he continued to visit, believing the salt water would improve his health. By the Victorian era, seaside resorts were beginning to become popular all around the UK, with ease of access to them provided by the growing railway network. Many towns built piers out onto the water, and pleasure gardens for tourists to stroll in.

The problem was, and still is, that we have unreliable weather in this country. So visitors needed somewhere to shelter when it rained. Some beautiful shelters were built for this purpose, and continue to be used to this day. Later additions used more modern building materials and styles. Here are some I found online, from all around England.

48 thoughts on “Seeking Shelter At The Seaside

  1. Makes me think of the brass band favourite ‘Sussex by the sea’ & another tune i couldn’t find a link to as many tunes with same name, a tune called ‘Promenade’

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  2. ‘By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, you and I, you and I, oh how happy we’ll be!’ 🙂 There’s nothing quite like fresh ocean air and watching the waves roll in, therapeutic, at least to the soul. We could use more shelters like that along our (sometimes rainy) Washington coast, though I can’t think of any. If we did, they would likely resemble a log cabin.

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    1. They didn’t seem to understand the the roofs were too high, and the rain could come in at the sides. But they were lovely, and still are.
      India was our’Jewel In The Crown’, at the time, quite literally.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Reminiscent, of concept more than design, of the old “roadside rest stops” over here. Which have all been closed, graded and replaced. Which, no offense, needs to happen to that row of bunkerish boxes🤣. What’s the real name of that hotel in Brighton that’s in all the period movies? What a great looking place. Old hotels, even modernized, have a charm nonexistent in the newer concrete and glass monoliths. Nice shots. Must mean it’s time to head for the beach!

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      1. That’s the one! Be interesting to know how many films and tv shows it’s been in. I didn’t know about the palace but it’s nice it’s a public building and museum now and not another 400 rooms for a couple of people.

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