More Interesting Comparison Maps

I always enjoy finding these, and have posted many previously. Here are some new ones.

California compared to the whole of Italy.

Forest distribution in the USA.

In 1279, the Mongolian Empire was the biggest empire by immediate landmass that the world had ever seen, and it retains this title to this day.

Light pollution recorded in the United States.

Texas compared to Africa.

The United States has a population size of just over 334 million. You would think that Americans would be evenly dispersed throughout the States, but this is not the case. This is the population dispersal.

51 thoughts on “More Interesting Comparison Maps

    1. I had a good idea where you were located. My Godson lives in Boston with his American wife. He met her in London and moved over there a few years later, when he left the Army.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. It is highly unlikely that I will ever visit America, Jennie. But you would be the first person I would call. Then Cindy Bruchman, followed by John Rieber and Elizabeth.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Not really. Back in the dust bowl Okies moved to California. For the last couple of years people and companies have been leaving California for Texas in droves. Enough to start making inroads in the political landscape. Which is okay with me. But it’s killing our infrastructure.

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  1. These are always interesting and sometimes surprising. Old Genghis had very broad horizons. I read a series of books based on his life and Kublai. Enjoyed the books but would not want to have been his opponent! Actually not part of his clan either!

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  2. (1) I never knew that Rome and Fresno were so close together!
    (2) I can explain the treeless desert, but why have the trees deserted the plains?
    (3) I can see a future headline: “The Mongolian Empire Strikes Back.”
    (4) Las Vegas and Reno are the stars of Nevada. The rest of the state is a black hole.
    (5) Texas: Deep in the heart of Africa.
    (6) That whole area in southeastern California is empty desert. Virtually no one lives there. To see such a big mistake makes me see red!

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  3. I always enjoy looking up comparison maps like this. Why people live in unhospitable or disaster prone places is always interesting as is where people want to retire too.

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  4. I think many countries have that uneven dispersal of population; we only have to compare Scotland with England.
    The Mongolian empire is beyond comprehension; I think Genghis Kahn is supposed to have millions of descendants!

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