A Story You Won’t Hear in Florida – #4

This tragic story of the reality of the American abortion ban in some states is one that everyone needs to read. Even if you are not American, similar laws could well be coming to your country. Have some tissues ready, it is heartbreaking.


Well it was a bad week for abortion rights advocates as Republican majorities in Nebraska and North Carolina continued to restrict abortion access.  Have you noticed that nowhere is this issue put up for a vote anymore.  Nah.  Put t to a vote and it gets defeated every time. The pro-life crowd is jubilant, out there saving babies.

So let me tell you a story.  Not too many folks have heard it.  Didn’t get a whole lot of attention.  Particularly here in Florida among the holier than thou crowd.

But it made the Washington Post and then got attention.  And it went down some 40 minutes from my home.

Milo Evan Dorbert drew his…

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24 thoughts on “A Story You Won’t Hear in Florida – #4

  1. The USA is going back in time. When I think of all those women who worked to get abortions legalised and safe for all women. Now it will be backstreet, unsafe procedures, suicides and families left in terrible situations like this.

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  2. My thoughts are that the overturning of Rove vs Wade by a corrupted and politicized Supreme Court which should be reformed immediately, may indeed help the struggle for democracy in the United States. Women and progressive men are disgusted by the overturning of a precedent which Gorsuch, Kavanagh and Coney Barrett agreed to uphold. They lied of course to Congress and the American people, which of course should be prosecuted – but won’t be. I believe this issue and many of the other disgusting legislation Florida has recently introduced under a guy who looks like he stepped out of the Spanish Inquisition (sans robes) will sink the Republican Party for good. And good riddance. Let’s have the old one back…

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  3. I hate what the US has become. I’m so ashamed, I don’t want to admit to being American.

    In addition to the agony the Dorberts experienced between diagnosis and Milo’s birth, the worst of it was that Milo suffered for a full 99 minutes struggling to breathe.

    If I say anything else, it will be a string of expletives directed at people who have brought about this level of suffering.

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