More May Musings On A Sunday

Such a quiet week last week, I have very little to report.


Weather news is good though. A mainly dry week, with temperatures creeping up, the mud drying out, and being able to wear shorts every day. Ollie has responded to the warmer weather by spending time in the river to cool off most days, and the buzz of insects has increased each day.


I drove to the Vet in Swaffham on Thursday to collect Ollie’s monthly supply of Arthritis tablets. Once again, the price has increased. Every month since he was prescribed them, they have increased slightly. The first batch cost just under £39, and this week that had gone up to £52. Nothing ever goes down in price, does it?


I hope that you are all having a nice Sunday, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.


40 thoughts on “More May Musings On A Sunday

  1. The weather here has been rather autumnal, with rain, clouds, and the odd sunny moment. We need rain, but in some places, this has been quite extreme and we’ve had severe flood damage. You’re right about prices. They hardly ever go down. What tends to happen is that everything else catches up with the increases. As long as the tablets help Ollie, it is money well-spent, but medications (for humans and animals) should be capped. This is not a matter of choice but of need. I hope the week is a good one, Pete.

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  2. Same across the pond…up and up….turning Summer here….90s day mid 70s night….humidity is also rising…. nothing goes down….well eggs did but not that far. . chuq

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    1. Ollie did have pet insurance until he was 8, in 2020. Then they stopped covering him after his lifetime bills reached £10,000, as per their contract. (When he was young, he had three specialist eye operations costing over £5,000 in total.)
      The premium was up to £95 a month by then anyway. We save £100 a month into an account just to pay his Vet and groomer bills, but usually have to pay extra on top of that at least two-three times a year.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Warmer temperatures and the mud drying out is a good thing! Yes, the cost of everything keeps going up. What does Ollie take for arthritis? People (Hubby) take ibuprofen and get an injection if it’s really bad. Maybe we should take Ollie’s medicine. 😀

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    1. Ollie has this tablet, Jennie.
      It is similar to Brufen, but a much smaller dose and less aggressive on the stomach.
      We could buy a month’s supply online for £30, but they require a prescription from the Vet that currently costs £28 to obtain. So it’s a Catch 22 situation.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. That is a big increase, I gather from dog owning friends that going to the vets is a pricey business, but they also do a lot more these days!
    I saw an Ollie puppy yesterday, very rare sighting. It’s all Poodly crosses these days, though we seem to have a rash of dachshunds locally.

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  5. (1) It’s been a busy week for me! And next week will be even busier! (For one thing, I have a number of songwriting tasks to complete.)
    (2) So far, we’ve not quite reached the 100° F (37.8° C).
    (3) I heard that a certain beer has gone down in price…
    (4) I plan to help walk a dog in Lovell Canyon (west of Las Vegas).

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      1. Lovell Canyon Road has roughly the same elevation as Denver,. Colorado (“the mile high city”). The temperature was near perfect for a long walk, though it was probably a bit too warm by U.K. standards.

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  6. Quiet weeks are a blessing! My vet bills lately have been mind numbing. However today I picked up some prescriptions for myself…these are medications that have been quite expensive. Suddenly, the price has dropped which was a wonderful surprise. I think it may be a result of something Mr Biden set in motion.

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  7. Did you go in the river with Ollie? Did he use his car stairs on his own? Rumours have it that winter is here next week, days are getting shorter.

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    1. I used togo int the river with him when he was young, but I can’t be bothered to take off my shoes these days. He still refuses to use the car stairs unless we are standing either side. That’s going to take longer than we anticipated.
      Sunset at 9pm here tonight. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


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