Guests Posts: Another Try

The last time I offered to host guest posts on this blog, the response was rather lukewarm.

Not downhearted, I have decided to make that offer once again, whether to new bloggers, experienced bloggers, and anyone who has previously had a guest post on here. It is not time-limited, so if you want to write something specifically for the guest post, you can send it at leisure.

I will advise you of the ‘rules’ once again.

1) You must be an existing follower of my blog, or follow me on Twitter. @beetleypete
2) Feel free to promote one of your books. But NO SELLING of products please.
3) Post to be under 3,000 words, preferably less than 2,000.
4) Any images or photos to be small files only.
5) No bad language or blatant racist and sexual references. This is a family blog.
6) No religion please.

Your post will not be edited or corrected by me, so please check it before sending.

All posts will be left on my blog permanently, and shared on Twitter the day of publication.

Please add a short bio, and a photo of yourself if you want one shown.
(Up to you)

The post can be about anything you choose. There is no ‘theme’.

Please send the text AS AN EMAIL (not a Word Document) to
Please send any images separately, to the same email address.
If you are promoting a book, please add full buying links, as well as a photo of the cover.

When the post has been accepted, I will send you a link to it, and would expect you to engage with any comments received. If for any reason I do not accept the post, I will email you with my reasons why.

Over to you!

Reblogs and Featured Bloggers

I have now completed all the posts in the above series that were sent to me by email.

If anyone would still like me to feature their blog or book here, or to reblog one of their posts, the offer is still open.

Please contact me by email at

You have to either be a follower of this blog, or follow me on Twitter.
Twitter name is Pete Johnson @beetleypete

Indian Bloggers.

A recent perusal of my blog stats has told me that my Indian readers are now the third most numerous, after the USA and Britain. This is undoubtedly helped by the fact that so many people in India speak English, and write their own blogs in English too.

As well as that, they represent a significant percentage of my blog followers, and many of them are fully-engaged bloggers who regularly comment on my posts. This pleases me a great deal, as we have hundreds of thousands of people from an Indian background living in the UK. When I lived in London, I met and worked with many, and was always interested in their culture. This not least because my dad spent a long time in India, serving there in WW2 from 1941-1946. He showed me numerous photos of his travels there, and regaled me with tales of that exotic land in my youth.

Sadly, I never got around to visiting any part of that country, and fear it may be too late for me to do that now. But through the wonder of blogging, I can see and hear the lives of people there, and appreciate the differences, good and bad.

I have featured some Indian bloggers and authors on this blog before, but I would like to do more.

So if you are one, and follow my blog, please think about sending me a guest post, telling me and all my readers about where you live, what you do, and what life is like for you in that vast country, with its huge population. If you are interested in doing that, then send me an email to and I will let you know what is required.

Best wishes to you all, Pete.

Another Twitter Thank You

I haven’t been very active on Twitter during the last few weeks. No idea why that is, it just happened.

But I try to check in from time to time to retweet some of your tweets, and regularly share posts on Twitter too.

Logging on today, I noticed more than 30 notifications of retweets and likes on some of my Twitter activity. So I would just like to thank you all again, as I don’t seem to ever get around to individual Thank You tweets.

You know who you are. 🙂

Best wishes, Pete.

A Very Popular Post

In 2016, I published a post containing photos of a nearby abandoned farm.

Since then, it has continued to be popular with readers, and it gets regular views every week, sometimes every day. For the benefit of the many new followers, I reblogged the post earlier this year, and it was well-received once again.

But rarely has it been so popular is it has today.

Noticing a spike in my stats, I looked to see what had caused an unusual afternoon increase in blog views. I was surprised to discover that the 2016 post has received no less than 120 views, since I logged on this morning.

Being realistic, I suspect this has been caused by one of the notorious ‘Spam Bots’ malfunctioning, and becoming stuck on that same post 130 times.

But wouldn’t it just be lovely, if one reader liked it so much that they had looked at it 130 times?

Self-Isolated Blogging: An offer

With doom and gloom all over the news, and a lot of very worried people unable to get out even to go to work and socialise, I am trying to think of something positive to offer via the platform of blogging. Facebook and Twitter can be a diversion, but they are also sadly also packed with negatives, scams, and sometimes downright meanness and offensive remarks.

So, back to blogging. Here is my offer, which is of course completely free, and has no catches.

(To contact me for any of these, use )

Guest Posts.
If you are writing more than usual and hoping to reach a new community or a wider audience, send me a guest post to be published here.
Under 2000 words please, with a short personal bio, and a link to your site.

Book Promotions.
Many people may now have more time to read, so if you want to promote your book on my blog, then send me an email.
Include a cover photo, a short synopsis, and any links to free offers for the book, or sales links.

First time bloggers.
Now is the ideal time to start that blog you always thought about, but never had the chance to get around to. If you are a new blogger, I can help.
Send me a link to your new blog, and the first post. I will put up a post here and include those links.
***Remember*** if you are just trying to sell something, or spam anyone, it will not be posted, and will be spammed by me.
Genuine bloggers only will be featured.

Blogging help and advice.
If you have just started out, and are finding it all confusing, wondering about tags, media, categories, and so on then contact me.
I will do my best to help, and if I can’t, I will ask the whole community if anyone can assist. Also, you might like an outsider’s opinion on your blog.
If that is the case, then send me a link and I will look through your blog to hopefully offer tips.

Blogging is a safe and rewarding way to communicate during this time of social isolation. It can make you feel connected, help dispel panic and fear, and hopefully settle your mind.

It looks like this will go on and on, possibly well into next year. So my offer is not time-limited.

Trying Harder With Twitter

If any of you are followed by me on Twitter, you may well have noticed more activity from me lately.

I have decided to ‘try harder’ with Twitter. I confess that it eludes me somewhat. It constantly updates, and I get more than a little ‘lost’ at times. I keep retweeting the tweets of those I follow, but I never actually manage to find those retweets on my own Twitter feed. You have to bear with me here, I have never had a Facebook account, and I am also getting quite old!

It moves too fast for me to comprehend, and there are SO MANY duplicate tweets, I never know whether or not I am retweeting the same post I retweeted ten minutes earlier!

Then I see the same tweet retweeted by fifty other people, and end up wondering if I have tweeted the right thing in the first place! Then someone retweets the retweet I have just done, and my brain starts to ache…

When I got a Twitter account, I did that purely to link it to my blog posts, in the hope of a wider audience. But Twitter is now getting away from me, running like a train I am unable to catch.

So please let me know if I am doing anything wrong, or if you would like me to retweet something you have posted. Otherwise, I might well miss it completely.

And don’t get me started on ‘Mentions’!

Honestly, I am trying harder… 🙂

A Non-Tweeted Twitter Thank You.

This is by way of once again saying a big “Thank You” to everyone who regularly re-tweets the tweets of my posts on this blog. I try to keep up by ‘Liking’ your re-tweets, but never seem to have time to actually send you all a message.

So; David Prosser, Olga, Robbie, Dannie Hill, David Miller, Felicity, Thom, Teagan, and many more who are not mentioned, but no less important, I just wanted to let you know you are all very much appreciated.

I am not really that ‘up’ on Twitter. I just use it for advertising my posts, and widening the audience for the blog. But if any of you want me to follow you on Twitter, (If I do not do so already) then just add your Twitter name in the comments, and I will happily become one of your followers.

In case anyone wondered, mine is @beetleypete

As long as you are content with my lack of interaction on that platform. 🙂

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

Twitter and Blogging: Some thoughts

I rarely use Twitter, to be honest. It all pours in so fast, I just cannot keep up with it. Although I follow quite a few people, mostly fellow bloggers, I am lax in remaining abreast of what they are tweeting. There was a time when I felt a little guilty about this. After all, if I took the trouble to follow someone, then I should make the effort to read what they are tweeting, surely? I just don’t have enough spare time to do this, regrettably. I don’t use portable devices for accessing the Internet, so I am restricted to occasionally checking into Twitter on the PC. As Twitter is such a fast social media platform, the streams of stuff have to be seen to be believed. As fast as I scroll through the messages, dozens more are appearing at the top.

As a result of my sporadic activity, I have only 87 followers, even after all this time. I don’t mind that in the least, as I really only use Twitter to publicise my blog posts, and I never intended to be a real ‘player’ in the Twittersphere. Nonetheless, I am very grateful to be the beneficiary of numerous re-tweets, kindly arranged by some very nice followers of my blog. The potential audience for these tweets is huge. As they are constantly re-tweeted or liked, the number of people who might see them grows exponentially. This does not result in many views of the blog posts though. Clicks from Twitter are listed in the admin dashboard, and in my case they rarely amount to more than a handful a day. This does not mean that I am ungrateful, far from it. I am honoured to have such good friends, and pleased to see any further exposure of my blog.

I made one of the rare visits to my Twitter account today, and noticed that I had received a message from Twitter itself. This was by way of a statistical review of one month of activity on my account. I clicked the link, and tried to make sense of the graphs and information. It appears that I have enjoyed over 1,000 views of my account since the beginning of July. This increased to 2,000 over a 28-day period. Delving further into the graphs provided, the real results of all this activity became plain to see. An average daily figure of just 1 click on a link, and 2 re-tweets. Likes were better, with 9 likes a day during the same period. According to Twitter, this translates to what they call an ‘Engagement Rate’ of just under 3% for the month. I take this to mean that only that percentage of the 1,000 views was acted upon by the readers in some way.

Despite these low numbers, I am encouraged. They mean that at least 30 people have viewed, re-tweeted, or liked tweets on my account. Considering my own lack of engagement, and the fact that I have so few followers, that is more than acceptable to me. So what is the point of this post, and my listing of these figures that mean little or nothing to anyone who is not beetleypete? The conclusion is that it is worth publicising your blog on Twitter, even if you are not currently a user of this platform. If you already enjoy tweeting, then make sure that you include the Twitter button on your blog, and activate the link on your dashboard. If you can, thank anyone who re-tweets, and do the same for them when you get a chance. Every little helps, even 3%.

More Twittering

Ten days ago, I published a post about how I found Twitter baffling. It was a very popular post, and received many views, and some comments. It also inspired quite a few tweets in return, some of which favourited my tweet, then the tweets about my tweet in turn. Then there were numerous re-tweets, of the tweets that had been re-tweeted, or favourited. Are you still with me?

I asked some questions in that first post, mainly about how people manage to keep up with all this barrage of tweeting and re-tweeting. I also wanted to know why they do it.

I got some very constructive feedback, mostly from some valued blogging friends, and also from my new Twitter friends, who were keen to help. One good thing about all social media, is that besides all the bad stuff you hear about it, there are many people who will genuinely help you, with almost anything you want, or need to know. I am still vague about those tweets that feature my ‘Twitter name’ in a big list of others, but seem to have no subject attached, or purpose in tweeting. There are lots and lots of them, so they must mean something.

Most of those responding were very honest about the main reason for all this activity though. It is promotion, of whatever they need to promote. In my case, it’s my blog, for others it might be a book, or a product. A few others who got in touch were like me; bemused, and wondering what it was all about. Those up to speed with the whole Twitter thing, kindly explained how the idea works. You follow a lot of people, and they in turn (hopefully) follow you. They re-tweet your tweets, and you return the favour. You don’t actually have to read their tweets, or even see them. It can all be done automatically. That’s right. There are companies that will provide this service, many of them free of charge. You send them a list of your regular tweeters, and they re-tweet all their tweets for you. You never actually have to see a tweet again presumably, except your own.

I can sort of see the point. It gets you noticed. You are considered to be a reciprocal tweeter, get more followers, who you then follow. You all favourite and re-tweet all the tweets in your circle, until your message, comment, photo, or whatever, gets huge coverage on the Twittersphere. But if they are all using proxy re-tweeters, does anyone actually ever see it? I am back to my dilemma again. Having received all this kind advice, help, and information, I am really none the wiser as to ‘why.’

Do you get it, or is just me again?