Having Fun In Edwardian England: 1900-1910

Never let it be said that the Edwardians didn’t know how to relax and enjoy themselves. But they made sure to always be dressed for the occasion.

Children enjoying a day at the beach.

This girl has used a bathing machine to protect her modesty when changing into her swimsuit.

Keeping out of the sun by sitting in a beach hut.

Ladies exploring some rocks during a trip to the coast.

Reading quietly in the back garden.

Watching the waves at a seaside town.

A bicycle trip with their loyal dog.

Enjoying the antics of their pet parrots.

A celebratory tea-party for children.

Watching an open-air show at the beach.

Pretending to be Bedouins in your own back garden.

Dressing up as a sailor in the navy.

Having fun with your siblings at the end of the garden.

Rare Photos Of London. 1900-1910

Before the outbreak of the First World War, uncredited photographers were recording daily life in Central London. I found some rare photos of places that no longer exist. The streets are still there, but the buildings have changed completely. Some were destroyed by bombing in WW2, others demolished later for the building of modern office blocks.

Women working at spinning wheels in the City of London, 1908.

A nursery for working mothers. Deptford, South London. 1909.

A chimney sweep photographed with his family. City of London, 1900.

Cloth Fair. A street in the City of London, 1908.

A shop with the owners living above. Central London, 1910.

A stationery company. Smithfield, London, 1908. They also sold tobacco products, and a shop in the alleyway sold meats.

An upholstery business. Smithfield, London, 1909.