1928: A Very Different England

(Photos can be enlarged, by clicking on them)

Ten years after the end of WW1, England was a very different place to the country we know today. The photo above shows two girls working in hay fields in Lancashire.

Trafalgar Square, London. Double-decker buses look very different, in 2019. And there are more cars and motorcycles these days too.

The arrival of the RMS Mauretania in Southampton. State-of-the-art luxury sea-travel.

Buying an ice cream, in Cornwall. That hasn’t changed so much, as Kelly’s ice cream is still sold now. The ladies’ fashions are delightful indeed.
I missed my ‘era’.

The iconic red telephone kiosk, and red post box. These are in Oxford, and many are still around today of course.

A look into the past, eleven years before WW2 changed so much here.