Ambulance stories (9)

I am reblogging some of my old ambulance stories, for a new audience. This one from 2012 has hardly been seen since. đŸ™‚


The fainting woman

After a very short time in the Ambulance Service, you soon learn to disregard the diagnoses given by Ambulance Control. They are at the mercy of the caller, and their own desire to end the call, within their protocols, as soon as possible. So, there is a constant repetition of the same diagnosis given for the call you are being asked to go to. Others can be wildly inaccurate, perhaps because of language problems, or lack of observation on the part of the caller. After a while, you do not expect what you are told, to be what you actually see on arrival.

One morning, we were returning from the Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith, when we were called to a well-known high-rise estate, not far from our base. We were told to meet a caller outside the entrance to one of the highest blocks, and that…

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2012 and all that

As i understand it, there are thousands of people all over The World, who currently believe that the World will end around 21st December, this year. This is linked to the Mayan calendar, predicting a new era, following the arrival of some ancient God. Many believe that it will only herald a major change for Mankind, perhaps for the better, though there are plenty that really do think that it will ‘all be over by Christmas’. I respect their choice to believe this. After all, I have a niggling feeling that Aliens probably exist, and that UFO’s are too numerous to be explained away, so ‘End of The World’? Maybe. Given this, there is something that I would like to know. What are these people doing with their last four months of life? I like to think, that if I genuinely believed that the World was going to end, and I mean really believed it, that I would do something unusual and amazing. Sell my house, and see all the wonders of Earth; or perhaps give everything away, and immerse myself in spiritual contemplation. I would make my peace with friends and family, settle all old grudges, and embrace my fellow man. They just seem to be writing and talking about Apocalypse; selling books, or calendars that end on the 21st December. Blogs and chat rooms are full to bursting with debate as to how, exactly, we will meet our demise. Some are preparing to survive, stocking up bunkers, fortifying remote homesteads, even building Arks. As pointless as this may seem, at least they are keeping busy, and doing something, that at least to them, has a point. What are all the other believers doing? Are they really still going to work everyday, paying into pension schemes, and buying books and DVD films about the Mayans, that will presumably all be useless on the 22nd December? I would really like to know. Perhaps some of you will use this Blog to enlighten me please. This is a link to a Survivalist website, that also sells a magazine, enjoying a large subscription, unsurprisingly, mostly in America. Have a look at issue 6, ‘The Truth about 2012’. If you can that is, as it is sold out. A cursory glance at the home page of the website will give you the general idea, anyway. I have no wish to interfere with the right of a Survivalist to prepare his, or her, bunker, ready for the forthcoming nastiness. They are just as entitled to their beliefs and theories, as anyone else. But as you load the water, fuel, tinned food, and ammunition inside, ask yourself this question; ‘Do I really want to survive?’ I have always been amazed that individuals, or small groups, would actually want to survive an impending Armageddon, of any description. There have been many gloomy books written about this scenario, as well as many well-known films, portraying the bleakness of existence on the post-apocalyptic planet. Whether they take the glossy form of ‘Mad Max’, or ‘Waterworld,’ or the uncomfortable reality of ‘The War Game’, ‘Threads’, or ‘The Road’, they all tell the same story. Roving gangs of mismatched individuals, hoarding food, fuel, weapons, and medicines. Rule by strength, widespread rape, cannibalism, and slavery. As human beings, we must know that this is actually what would happen. Fresh water would eventually run out, as would the tinned food. The only fuel would ultimately be wood, if there was any left. Disease, cold, malnutrition, deformed births, a real return to the darkest times. Now who would really want to emerge from their bunker to all this? If anyone knows when and where the Apocalypse is originating from, please point me in the right direction. I will head straight for it, and get it over as quickly as possible.