Mother’s Day 2023

It is Mother’s Day here in England. I no longer have a mother to celebrate with. But Julie is my wife, and a mother of four children, so she has something to celebrate.

She is spending time with one of her daughters this evening, but I have no idea if the other three chidren will get involved.

So happy Mother’s Day to my wife, the mother of four children. She is also a great Mum to our dog, Ollie. He cherishes her.

I hope she has an enjoyable day.

World News: 16/03/2023

The only news I am interested in today is that it is my birthday. I doubt that will feature on any BBC broadcasts though.

My cards have been opened, along with some gifts sent in the post. When Julie gets home from work this afternoon I will get presents from her, and then we will go out to a restaurant this evening.

As the old saying goes, ‘That’s all the news that’s fit to print!

Missed It

I should have known better than to suggest I might stay up until 00:01 to see in the New Year. After a long day punctuated by coughing fits, the best I could do last night was to reluctantly munch a pizza at 18:30, then sit coughing until I just had to go to bed and lie down at 23:00.

So I slept through the moment, waking at 02:15 for yet another coughing fit. My first of 2023!
(Should I celebrate that moment perhaps?)

Fortunately, I was then able to go back to sleep until an hour ago.

The sun is shining in Beetley this morning, but not forecast to remain for the day. The birds are singing in the hedge outside.

At least it has stopped raining.