Tiny Trailers

I know, we call them ‘Caravans’ in Britain.
But this post is mainly for Cindy and Susanne, American bloggers who have both bought tiny caravans to use on camping trips in the vast open spaces of the USA.

I found the photos posted on Twitter, on Helen Warlow’s art site. I don’t know who took them, so apologies for not giving proper credit.

This has to be the smallest caravan and car combination I have ever seen.

The Citroen 2CV is an iconic French car, as used by Tintin in the original Belgian comics. I didn’t think that small 600 cc engine would be powerful enough to tow a caravan, even one as small as this one.

Everyone will have seen some version of the ubiquitous VW Campervan or Minibus. But this one is pulling a tiny caravan too.