I just noticed this

I haven’t been looking at my stats that much this week, but as I published today’s short story, I did notice this on my admin page.

3,035 Posts

I have tipped over the 3,000 posts mark, and only just noticed.

That is a lot of posts. No wonder I have trouble remembering some of them.

So, thanks to everyone who has read them.

3000: A rather pointless milestone.

I just noticed this evening that I now have 3,002 followers, according to WordPress. That doesn’t include everyone of course, so it might be a few more.

Many other bloggers have far more than that of course, but anything ending in three noughts is to be celebrated, if not least to be aware of our endurance. I should be jumping for joy, but I am blog-realistic. I know that it sadly means very little. The most recent follower, the one who tipped it over from 2,999, is yet another of those ‘Outlook.Com’ followers. They have no blogs, no details, and leave no likes or comments. They are presumably yet another following ‘scam’ of some sort, and I just ignore them

Earlier today, I was followed by a panel-beating company in America, their site full of offers to repair my car. Yesterday, I was followed by a car-hire company in Australia, keen to rent me a car when I was next in Sydney. Of course, I have never been to either country. Then there are the ‘follow me back’ new bloggers, who just follow in the hope of me following them back. Which I don’t. As I have told them until I am blue in the face, Blogging is not Facebook, and it’s not Twitter either.

Still, I do have many great followers. They are much appreciated, and always considered to be part of the wonderful blogging community. But there are not 3,000 of them. Probably not even 1,000 of them. To believe the WP figures would be vanity indeed. But whatever the number, I am no less appreciative of their likes, comments, and reading of posts. In the last four days alone, my posts have been read by over 1,200 people. And for that, I am really very grateful indeed.

So, fellow bloggers. Don’t concern yourself too much with followers, and other statistics. If you ever have around 500 followers, that will be a treasure indeed. And if each of those followers read and comment on your posts, you can consider yourself a very lucky blogger. I know that I do.

Thanks to all of you who have followed my blog. Not wishing to sound ungrateful, I am less concerned about those who want to rent me a car in Australia, sell me their SEO expertise, or give me advice about investing in Nigeria. For everyone else, my very heart-felt thanks.

3,000 looks good on the page, if nothing else.

Best wishes, Pete.