Winston: Jennie’s Idea

Many of you kindly left very nice comments on the recent blog post, Winston’s Last Walk. His owner Michele contacted me by email to let me know how much she liked the post, and how she was touched by the comments from bloggers all over the world who never even knew Winston.

American blogger Jennie Fitzkee had an idea, and suggested it to me in a comment on the post.

‘You know what might be a wonderful thing? A card shower for Michele. I am already excited! Just tell us bloggers who remembered Winston to send Michele a card, via you. Can you imagine her joy when you deliver a handful of cards? I will send one this weekend, if that is okay.’

If anyone would like to do the same thing as Jennie, and send a card of some kind to Michele care of my address, please feel free to do so.
I have no doubt that she will be incredibly moved by that.

Michele Smith
C/O Pete Johnson
29, Beech Road
Norfolk NR20 4EZ

My thanks again to everyone for their kindness.
Here is a reminder of that post.

Change of Email address

After continuing problems with Yahoo Mail, I changed my email address with many people, and lots of companies, including WordPress. As those delivery delays and many other issues with Yahoo Mail continue, I have decided to make my alternative email into my main contact one.

For anyone who contacts me by email, or thinks they might ever want to do so, I have now changed my contact email on the ‘About’ page too.

So, if you have me saved as a contact, then please change it to the following email address for any future correspondence.

It’s a bit of a silly one, I know. But it works, and is reliable.

I may still make contact or reply via Yahoo on occasion, when I know it is working properly.

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.