Life’s Golden Rules

If you cannot find your reading glasses, they are usually on top of your head.

Just as you get into a nice warm bath, someone will ring the doorbell.

The keys you have been looking everywhere for are still hanging in the front door.

After waiting in for a parcel delivery, as soon as you have to go out, it will arrive. You come home to find a card that says “Sorry we missed you”.

If the sign on a multi-story car park says ‘Spaces Available’, you will drive around every level to discover that some people have parked across two spaces. So you have to drive out again, and find somewhere else to park.

If you are talking to someone on your landline telephone, somebody else will ring your mobile because your phone is engaged.





Random things that irritate

This is a small selection of things that irritate or annoy me. Please add your own in the comments.

Why is it that when you need to blow your nose, there is always only one tissue left in the box?

When you have just used the toilet in someone else’s house, why does the toilet roll always run out before you have finished? (And why do we never think to check before we start?)

When I go to the cinema, why does someone always sit next to me with the biggest bucket of popcorn to crunch, and a huge drink to slurp?

Why do people sit next to me on a bus, then engage me in mindless conversation?

Why does my doctor insist that I am on time for an appointment, then keep me waiting over an hour past that time?

Why do people pick up dog poo in a plastic bag, then just leave that bag on the ground?

Why do people fill up their cars at a petrol station, then leave them parked blocking the pumps while they shop for lots of items inside?

Why do people throw something into a litter bin, then walk away when it bounces out of the slot back onto the ground?

Why do people think it is acceptable to walk around with their mobile phone on speaker, playing their awful music for everyone to hear?

Why do people ask taxi drivers if they have ‘been busy’?

Why do people who have never voted complain about the government?