Serial Delay

Today’s episode of Runs In The Family is not appearing.

An early outing to the supermarket followed by a longer than usual dog-walk left me with no time to write the post and prepare a delicious evening meal of roast chicken with all the trimmings.

My dinner won the contest…

It will be back soon. Sorry!

(Blame the virus!)

An apology

Returning from a short break, I found myself inundated with notifications of new posts, as well as comments on my own. I have tried to catch up, but just haven’t had time. This is just to let everyone whose blogs I follow that I have had to admit defeat, and will start afresh tomorrow.

So, if I didn’t comment on all of your recent posts, or any at all, it’s just that it all got too much, with things to do in the build-up to Christmas. Sorry about that.

Best wishes to you all. Pete.