The Daughter

I came across this short yet powerful post on the subject of arranged marriages in India. No doubt many of us in the west will appreciate not having to live in this very different culture.

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Hey guys, wish you a very happy Sunday!

This week, I thought of sharing this old write-up. This reflects the situation of many girls in India, who are expected to obey their parents and do not possess the freedom to choose their own partners. This also talks of how life changes after marriage. Written as a open letter, I’m sure this will be relatable to situations you have experienced or read.
Here it goes:

Dear Parents,

I’m glad that you didn’t kill me straightaway like many people do nowadays. You raised me and even educated me well. Now I’m married in a well-to-do family that you chose for me. Everything is going fine, but I still have a few complaints.

First of all, why didn’t you warn me that once I’m married, you were absolutely free to wash your hands off all my responsibilities? And I could no longer seek…

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