Very Tired

I suspect it is the hot weather recently, or the birds waking me up at first light. But lately I have been very tired by 10pm, and going to bed even earlier than that.

This means that I might miss some of your posts because of time differences, but I will catch up when I can, promise.

It is only 7pm here, and I have not even eaten dinner. But it already feels like midnight, so I will be offline soon, and preparing for bed before it even gets dark.

I hope it is just the season, and nothing sinister.

Blogging Observations

2022 seems to be a rather quiet year for blogging. After the surge in new bloggers during the pandemic lockdowns, WordPress appears to have less new bloggers than ever before. Not that I am concerned, but this year has seen less new followers than I would have got in one month in 2021.

It could be that they tried it, and didn’t like it. Or the recent changes to WordPress plans with far less space allowance and higher charges for upgrades might be putting off potential new bloggers.

Perhaps it is just my blog that feels quiet? Is anyone else noticing this trend?

Luckily, we already have a well-established community, developed over many years. But it does seem a shame not to see so much ‘new blood’ appearing on WordPress.

With that in mind, if you are hesitatnt about staring a blog, or feel it is all too complicated to tackle, reach out and ask for help. Bloggers are friendly and helpful people, and most are hpapy to offer advice and tips, as well as supporting new bloggers with guest posts or features.

You can always contact me by email if you have any questions, so I will start you off with an email address.

If any others in our community feel they are willing to help new bloggers, please add a link or contact details in the comments.

Bloggin’ J.C. (3)

So I was heading for Jerusalem one Sunday. That was a big ville at the time, the biggest, and I reckoned I could do some heavy influencing, and get a lot more followers. I sent a couple of my crew ahead to get a donkey for me to ride in on. Let’s face it, a big warhorse or a chariot would have got me a bad rep.

Well I gotta tell ya, they came back with the scrawniest-looking donkey I had ever seen. When I sat on the thing, I had to lift my legs up to stop my sandals scraping on the dirt. That old donkey walked so slow, it was like we were standing still. But as I went through the city gates, the crowd were pleased to see me on such a humble ride, just as I guessed they would be.

In fact they were so pleased to see me, they threw palm fronds in my path. I was worried that my sad little steed might slip on one, but he got me through. After some speechifying, I was getting kinda hungry. I told the guys to rustle up some grub, and gave a nod to the worn-out donkey, accompanied by a knowing wink.

They got the message, and we were soon eating a tasty meat stew with some nice flatbread to wipe up the gravy.

It may not have been much of nag to ride on, but that donkey sure made good eating.

Back soon. Peace and love y’all.

Bloggin’ J.C. (2)

So I was hanging out in Cana, some tiny dustbowl town in the Galilee district. I got myself invited to a wedding, along with my bad-boy crew, Disciples Unlimited. Why not? Free food, plenty to drink, and the chance of a dance with a sultry maiden. (And maybe more? Wink-wink!) I accepted, of course!

As usual, I could see a way to make some money out of this event, and to boost my street cred into the bargain. As anyone knows, the wine soons runs out at weddings, especially when it is free to guests. So I got my pal John to secrete some amphoras of good Cyrpus wine under the covered table, just in case.

It wasn’t long before Mary, my mom, suggests that I could help out with the impending wine shortage. By that time, we were down to drinking water, and that was putting a real downer on the festivities.

So I gave mom a wink, and waved my signal to John. Then I sashayed over to the table, real casual like, covering John as he exchanged the water amphoras for those containing wine. I said some holy stuff, I forget now exactly what, and the wedding guests stood around gaping, their mouths like fresh-landed fish from the nearby Sea of Galilee. I motioned to the servants to fill the clay pots with water, but as they were already almost full to the brim with that Cypriot good stuff, they only took around a cup of water in each.

Then I raised my hands, winked at my mom and John, before telling the guests to help themselves to more of the good stuff. I had changed that water into wine. ( 🙂 )

Everyone was completely drunk by the end of the festivities, and some said that the groom as too far gone to do his nuptial duties, but I cannot confirm that.

On the plus side, the bride’s dad gave me a bag of silver talents for my trouble. Of course, I had to split it with mom and John, but I only gave them twenty-five percent each.

To be honest, I wish I could have played that scam at a lot more weddings!

Peace and love.

Back soon, my fellow bloggers. Stay righteous!

Bloggin’ J.C.

Here’s a good one for ya.

Back in the day in Jerusalem, my old pal Lazarus and me came up with a cool idea. He was going to pretend to be dead, and I would bring him back to life. His sister Martha was up for the joke and agreed to play her part, so we worked out the plan over a few cups of wine.

On the day, I wept and wailed as they placed Lazzy in the tomb, wrapped in some new burial cloths. As some people helped me roll the big stone across the entrance to the tomb, they couldn’t see that inside there was enough food and drink for four days, and a fresh-killed goat.

So four days later, trying to keep a straight face, I went to the tomb with Martha and a crowd. I raised my head to the skies and pretended to plea for Lazzy to be brought back to life. Martha acted indignantly. “But smell that, he’s been there for four days. No way can he come back to life”. We both knew the goat had gone bad, and Lazzy had covered his burial cloths in the muck. So I made a big deal of them rolling the stone away, and lo and behold, that good guy Lazarus came wandering out in the filthy burial cloths, much to the amazement of everyone crowded around.

I tell ya, those Penn and Teller guys ain’t got nothing on me.

Catch you later, fellow bloggers.

On Blogging

I have written a lot about blogging here. This was my first ever post about the subject, in 2012. Hardly anyone has ever seen it.


As you all know, I am a new ‘Blogger’. I would like to thank all my friends, and a few outsiders too, (Ecuador? Not Assange, surely?) for reading my blog. I am also privileged to have a few ‘followers’, something I found unusually exciting! However, those of you who have not yet embarked on your own Blog will be unaware of something very annoying.
When someone ‘likes’ your Blog, or an individual post, you receive an e mail telling you that they do. This also includes a link to their Blog, and their username, with an invitation to visit their site. When you have only posted a few entries, it can be very encouraging to start to receive these notifications. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, these ‘fellow bloggers’ are simply trying to sell you something. Whether it is by clicking a link in their Blog, or an actual direct request…

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Musings On A Chilly Sunday

Since the short ‘False Summer’ recently, the weather has felt more like Autumn again. It is dull and cold this morning, with a promised maximum of 10C. (50F) Hard to imagine June is arriving next week. I doubt I will be needing my new sun hat again for a while.


Although Ukraine continues to ‘drop down’ the news reports here, I read online that the Russians are making progress in South-East Ukraine. The sheer volume of troops and resources at their disposal is finally wearing down Ukrainian resistance. I am beginning to wonder if Zelensky should try to come to some settlement, before his country is quite literally destroyed town by town.


I posted about the school shooting in Texas, then later discovered that the heavily-armed police officers attending and standing around in the car park refused to enter the school because the shooter ‘might fire at them’, or ‘was shooting at them’. That sounds like simple dereliction of duty from where I sit.


I am still not feeeling very insired to post much on my blog. So I appreciate everyone who has read the old posts I have been reblogging.


Ollie is benefiting from the cooler weather. He has a bit more energy, and has also regained a good appetite. He is currently fast asleep next to my desk.


Have a great Sunday. Wherever you live, and whatever you are doing.


Subdued Sunday Musings

I still can’t seem to shake my blogging malaise. I may have to resort to reblogging some of my oldest posts, just to keep my interest going.


Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far. I actually felt uncomfortably warm during the night, finding myself sleeping outside the covers at one stage. That warmth is triggering thundery rain apparently, forecast to arrive in Beetley soon.


One blogger I follow mentioned that 2022 seems to be going by very quickly. I know how she feels. It seems like only yesterday that it was my birthday, not two months ago.


Ollie is happy enough, so that makes me feel calm. Despite his arthritis becoming visibly worse, he is still playing with his toys and enjoying his walks. It feels strange to imagine life without him. So I try not to.


The politics in this country is still disgusting me, and the war continues in Ukraine with Russia appearing to be unable to make further progress in their invasion. Another mass shooting in America, but they will never give up their guns. Israeli Army and police still attacking Palestinians in Israel, and Britain and Ireland and the EU squabbling about Northern Ireland. At times I grow weary of this world.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a happy Sunday.


Why Should the Devil Get All the Good Tunes?

Here is a poem that got Liz excited. Let her know what you think about it!

Elizabeth Gauffreau

Do you ever stumble across a poem that makes you want to want to run into a crowd of people, holding it aloft and shouting, “You’ve got to read this poem!”? This is one that did it for me. (I hope I’m not violating any copyright by posting it here, but I received it in an unsolicited advertisement, so I figure it’s fair game.)

I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I do, and I’d love to hear about the poems that have sent you running through the streets!


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