Blog Posts: No More Twitter Sharing

Thanks to Mr E. Musk, sharing of your blog posts to Twitter using the automatic process that exists currently will no longer be possible.
I received this email today.

Hi Pete,

From April 30, 2023 you will no longer be able to share your WordPress.​com posts automatically to Twitter using Jetpack Social.

Twitter decided, on short notice, to dramatically change the terms and pricing of the Twitter API. We have attempted to work with Twitter in good faith to negotiate new terms, but we have not been able to reach an agreement. As a result, we will need to remove the functionality.

You can still auto-share your posts to Tumblr, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And you are able to share your posts to Twitter manually by pasting the post link into the body of your tweet. In the near future, we are adding the ability to auto-share to Instagram and Mastodon and we are continuing to release new features in Jetpack Social.

Thank you for your understanding with this situation. Please feel free to connect with support if you need any help.


The WordPress.​com team

Friday Showcase – 21st April

It is always very nice to be featured on another blog, and today I am flattered that Stevie Turner has included me in her new feature, Friday Showcase.

Stevie Turner

Today on Friday Showcase I’m going to feature two blogger friends of mine. The first blogger is Pete Johnson, alias BeetleyPete. You can find his blog page here:

Pete grew up in London and then retired to East Anglia. He doesn’t have any published books, but he writes very entertaining short story serials on his blog. He also has a nostalgia section where you can find old songs and many interesting photos from Victorian times right up to the Swinging Sixties. He is also a dog lover, and often writes about his dog Ollie.

The second blogger is Clive Pilcher, alias Take it Easy. You can find his blog page here:

Clive lives in London, features mostly music on his blog, and publishes Tuesday Tunes and Song Lyric Sunday, but also writes about mental health issues after suffering his own mental health problems some years…

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Twitter: Musk’s Mess

You may not be aware of issues with Twitter today. (Or may not care) Users are getting this message.

**Update. It seems to be back to normal for now**

{“errors”:[{“message”:”Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information”,”code”:467}]}

I have researched online, and there is currently no fix for this glitch. So I am unable to share any links to the posts of my blogging friends. (Or my own posts)

Just so you know.

WordPress App: Changes Imminent

If you use your phone or tablet to blog on the WordPress App, you should read the article in the link. Changes are being introduced this month, splitting the choice of Apps between the current format, and the new Jetpack App. The most obvious difference will be that you will no longer be able to view your stats on the existing App, unless you change to the new one. Other changes are explained in detail on this link.

I use my PC for blogging, but have the App on my tablet for when I am away from home. If anyone has already migrated to the Jetpack App, it would be good to know what you think about it.

Blogger’s Books: Cheryl Oreglia

I am delighted to announce that the lovely American blogger, Cheryl Oreglia, has published her first book! You can read Cheryl’s blog by following this link.

Here she is.

And here is her book.

Grow Damn It! is a captivating work by Cheryl Oreglia, who uses uncommon honesty and arresting humor to draw you into her cantankerous life, forty-year marriage, and revolving empty nest. She claims the space between past and future is where our potential is created or destroyed.

If you don’t like where your life is going, dig deeper, and write a new story. By weeding out the things that clutter her life, she invites you into a refreshing space with some of her most popular posts from her beloved blog Living in the Gap.

She surrounds herself with a gaggle of intriguing friends, along with a large and rambunctious family who challenge both her and the reader to live fully in an ever-changing world. Her provocative writing dares us to confront our lives not only with optimism, but courage, and uproarious laughter. Oreglia uses her experience to explore what matters most in life… the degree to which we love and are loved.

The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions, and free on KU in Britain. Here are some buying links.

UK sales.

Please show Cheryl some support and encouragement by reading her post about this new book.

And if you think this is your kind of book, please buy a copy too! I just bought my Kindle version. 🙂

Car Woes, and Blogging.

I went to the supermarket today to pick up just a few bits, like fresh bread and some milk. Unfortunately, the gear selector of my automatic car jammed solid as I parked in the car park. I eventually had to call out the breakdown service we subscribe to, and wait 90 minutes for them to come out. I couldn’t even go and get what I needed inside the supermarket, as the key could not be removed because the car ‘thought’ it was in Drive.

The repair main connected my car to a computer, and diagnosed the fault as the gear selector switch solenoid. He then fiddled around with the lever, and managed to get the car started, and into Drive. I knew better than to chance leaving it at that, and drove to the local main dealer for my model of car. They booked it in for Tuesday, said I could leave it with them, and ordered a taxi to get me home.

As a result, I am not long inside the house, have just cooked dinner and put it in the oven, and will have no time to comment on everyone’s blogs.

I may well be without my car for some time, as the dealership reported great difficulties in finding the right parts at the moment. Fortunately, Julie has a car, and it is much newer than mine. So at least we are not stranded. I have been trying to nurse my old car for some time now. It has done relatively low mileage, but is showing its age in other ways.

Just another thing to ‘happen’. On top of the heating boiler repairs, and everything else that piles on at once.

Ain’t life grand when you are old, your dog is old, and so is your car? 🙂


Can anyone offer help or advice to Lorraine? She is a blind blogger experiencing great difficulties in managing her blog to her satisfaction.

Every morning my emails from WP come through from blogs that I am following. There are all the usual challenges in there and also other bloggers’ responses to challenges. I so much would like to join in these challenges but as a newly blind person I find I do not know how to get to them from my emails. Are there any blind people out ther who can help? Or anyone else for that matter. My activities on WP are so limited now and it irks me. I can make my posts and with help reply to comments but I cannot go to other peoples’ blogs and read and comment although when I have help I can get my cursor into the reply boxes and type out my own response. Is there anyone who can help please?

I am using an iPad and voiceover by the way.

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Can anyone help Frank? He has come across a WordPress issue I have never heard of. Please read his post and let him (or me) know if you can solve the issue. Thank you.


Who is “”?

Recently I went to log onto my wordpress blog ( and encountered a page evaluating my blog for various offensive themes.  There aren’t any but the page blocks access to my blog.

I am currently accessing through my emails concerning posts and comments.

I have never encountered this problem in the more than a decade I have posted here.

I have tried to contact with no luck.

What gives?  This seems like some kind of trolling. I have recently deleted a number to “Christians” from my followers list.


P.S.  Has anyone come across this problem when searching for my blog?

Many thanks.

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Waiting Until 2023

As you can tell from my past few posts, I have been listening to some music recently. Whilst not completely recovered from Covid, I have been getting some sleep at night, and that has made me feel so much better.

Where blogging is concerned, I have decided to wait until the new year to get back to normal. I will complete the serial ‘The Four Musketeers’ next week, which was unfortunately interrupted by my becoming ill.

2022 is a year I would rather forget. Months of frustration trying to renew my driving licence, followed by weeks of illness and hospital tests resulting in a ‘sort-of’ diagnosis of Lactose Intolerance. Then the year rounded off by the heating breaking down during one of the coldest spells of bad weather for 40 years.

All of that followed by us both contracting Covid-19, cancelling Christmas, and spending the whole festive season shut in at home.

What I am hoping for now is to be able to stay up until midnight tomorrow, to bid farewell to my 70th year with a shout of “Good riddance!”